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what is error code 16 on apple iphone

what is error code 16 on apple iphone

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Error Code 1013 on iPhone 3G no gs.apple.com in 'hosts' file

I have (had) an iPhone 3G with 4.2.1, I plugged it into an iMac just to charge it.  Unplugged it without ejecting it from iTunes and it went into a 1013 loop.


I checked the hosts file in etc and did NOT see a gs.apple.com line in the file. 


This is driving me crazy!


Please advise...


Below is the contents of the hosts file.



# Host Database


# localhost is used to configure the loopback interface

# when the system is booting.  Do not change this entry.

##          localhost          broadcasthost

::1             localhost

fe80::1%lo0          localhost

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Trying to restore Iphone but I only get error code 13 and error code 2005

I have a Iphone 3g which i resently tried to reset with the reset function in settings app. on my iphone.
every thing seemed normal until it was finished (i think) and i just couldnt turn it back on.
it just gets to the apple image and freezes or i get past the apple logo and over to the connect to itunes logo when i try to restore it with ITunes it just shows error code 13 or 2005!
what can I do?
please help me!
Sigmund Solis
Build by various parts Windows Vista

TS3694 i keep getting an error code 1015 and i have tried all the steps that apple has provided the phone is not jailbroken Can someone please help me

i have an roor code 1015 can someone please help me

My iPhone 4 will not turn on When I plug it into Itunes it says it is n recovery mode I try to restore it and the error code code 3194 I have tried all the steps what now

My iPhone 4 will not turn on. When I plug it into Itunes it says it is n recovery mode. I try to restore it and the error code code 3194. I have tried all the steps what now?

Tethering XP Apple Mobile Ethernet Device Ethernet Error code 37

Im running Windows XP Pro 32bit with Service Pack 3.
iPhone 4 16GB with iOS4.0.1
Cant get tethering to work on this PC at all, in device manager under Network Adapters is this:
Apple Mobile Device Ethernet
- Properties says: Windows cannot initialize the device driver for this hardware. (Code 37)
Ive tried uninstalling and rebooting, ive tried uninstalling:
Apple Mobile Device Support
Apple Software Updater
(basically all Apple software), then rebooted
reinstalled iTunes+Quicktime.
Put my iPhone back in USB and again the same driver status code.
If i try it on another computer (also Windows XP Pro 32bit SP3) it works fine, if I tried it on a Windows Pocket PC via Bluewooth, it works fine.
I just cannot get rid of this code 37. Ive googled so much but unable to find a solution.
Can anyone help please!?
Windows XP Pro

TS1702 every time i ask for available downloads on itunes an error appears your request cannot be proceeded error code 1009

i downloaded a the latest version of itunes but when i try to sync my iphone with itunes all my apps are gone and when i check for available downloads an error appears and a message says than your request cant be proceeded error code 1009

i cant sync my apps what can i do

plz help

iphone 4s sync error code 1156

When I try to sync my iphone 4s to itunes I get an error code 1156 any help please, as I cannot get any songs, video or pics.

Iphone 4 restore error code 1611

Ok, so i already posted on here about error code 9 when i was attempting to restore my iphone, and i managed to solve that problem, but now its coming up with error code 1611, i have read a few articals about this error code, and i understand it is a hardware problem, i have also read a couple of things about uninstalling my security for my computer, as it could be blocking my phone from restoring, is this correct? If so, i am using virgin media security, would i need to uninstall that, then try restoring my iphone again, then re-installing my virgin media security? or would it be something to do with my windows security? Please help!

How to restore iPhone 3gs with error code 21

I have an Iphone 3GS. I replaced the battery and digitizer. When I plug in to Itunes the Iphone wants to restore, but I recieve an error code 21, and it will not restore.


Any suggestions?


Thank you,



TS3694 error code 1015 for iphone 3g

I am trying to restore my iphone 3g, but every time I try I get the error code 1015, help!

TS1275 iPhone 3G restoring error code 1015

I am getting the error code 1015 and this webpage is not helping me AT ALL.  Any help? I get the code when trying to restore my iPhone 3G.

Error Code -1426

After I did the update to my iPhone, my iTunes library and ringtones wont transfer over. I keep getting a message that a file is missing. Anyone else get this error?

error code 1015


What is error code 01 2267005827077 mean

Ever since I updated my iOS to the iOS6 versions, my iPhone has crashed on 3 occasions. In each incident, I had to perform an urgent system restore.

error code 1 FBAPIErrordomain

i cannot open my facebook account due to this error

error code 1 fbapierrordomain

security code error

Im Korean with using Iphone.
But Ive had problems for days.
My Iphone need to repair and the service center changed as another phone.
The day , I need to update some application , then I couldt update.
Because the display was shown that your payment method was declined. Please enter another payment method.
I think its security code problems. But Im not sure .
If someone knows solution. Please tell me.
Im looking foward your answer.
presario c700 iPhone OS 3.1

error code 1015

error code 1015 help =(

not possible to restore error code 1


I tried to update the latest IOS but that failed. I could only do a factory reset on the Iphone.

But now it is restoring but almost at the end it crashes and tells me that there was

a problem, errorcode 1, and it is unable to reset the Iphone.


What can  I do?


It is a brand new Iphone 4S, only 4 weeks old!


TS3694 i have tried to restore my iphone 4 to ios 5.1 but it comes up with error code 3194

i have tried to restore my iphone 4 to ios 5.1 but it comes up with error code 3194

can enyone help me to do this thanks

My iphone wont turn on or restore HELP error code 1015

My iphone wont turn on or restore,HELP error code 1015

TS3694 i can't restore my iphone 3g it's showing me a code error 1015

i cant restore my iphone 3g its showing me a code error 1015

error code 1654 appears

I try plugging in my IPhone and Im getting an error code 1654 and the computer cannot recognizwe my device

iTunes Error Code 11556

Ive been trying to make some purchased songs from iTunes into ringtones but i always get the error code 11556 and saying I dont have an active network connection when I do.
I read a post about the same thing in UK but Im from Canada and Im getting this issue. Does anyone know why?
Windows Vista

HT1808 whats error code 21

what does error code 21 mean when trying to recover your device

TS3694 Error code 1015 on my old 3G

Bought a 3G and reset it via the menu options on the phone in order to erase previous content and rest the phone itself. It crashed during this phase and got stuck in the grey screen with the Apple motif. I have since managed to get it back to the screen showing the Itunes icon and cable indicationg I need to plug it into the computer. I hvae done this and the phone is recognised and the fact the phobne needs an itunes restore is started but 2/3rd of the way through it crashes with the code 1015.

Anyone had this before and anything I can do about it or should I just get another phone!


Code Signing Error in Xcode

Im trying to develop programs for the iphone but Im lost at the very start. I downloaded a sample from apples site and opened it in xcode and worked great in the simulator however when I try to build it for my actual iPhone, it comes up with an error:
CodeSign error: no provisioning profiles found for code signing identity iPhone Developer
Any ideas?
2.2 GHz Macbook Pro Mac OS X (10.4.10)

TS3694 what is error code 1015

hi what is error code 1015

TS3694 what is error code 1015

need help restoring iphone 3.  what is error code 1015.

what does the error code 1611 signify

My iphone 4 wont start and I get an error message 1611 when I try to restore. What does this mean?

Error code 13019 after upgrade

Updated to 3 on my 3G and phone no longer had ipod tunes available. Put it in to resync and it took forever to back up, then, eventually it crapped out with an error code 13019. Checked these posts and tried the suggestion of unchecking all syncs; syncing, then rechecking and syncing. All this gives me is a new errror code 13014 which I really dont want to waste my time chasing down. Anyone got any ideas as to how to make this work Have had problems before when upgrading to a new version of software. Wonder if anyone tests these upgrades Help!!!
3G iPhone OS 3.0

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