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whatsapp not working after update ios

whatsapp not working after update ios

iphone unlocked

HT4972 I am using iphone 3g and it is having currently IOS 4.1 version till what IOS version can i upgrade please help me many of my apps are not working esp whatsapp

am using iphone 3g and it is having currently IOS 4.1 version,till what IOS version can i upgrade ? please help me many of my apps are not working esp whatsapp.

iphone unlocked

WHATSAPP - has stopped working

Hey all,
Wondering if you can help / confirm my problem.
Ive used a great little app called whatsapp over the last couple of months however, this morning it seems to have stopped working. Those of you who use it will be familiar with its funcionality...
I upgraded to the new version and I thought this was probably the problem but it looks as if it might just be co-incedence as all of my friends are experiencing the same problems.
Push notifications still work however on loading the app the message is not recieved. If youre online then the messages will come through no problem but if the app if closed it simply doesnt work anymore.
Ive tried everything now, restarting phone, restarting app, turning off push and turning back on again, deleting app, reinstalling and all of the above again with no joy.
Is anybody having the same problems?
Thanks in advance...
Iphone 3G iPhone OS 3.1.3 Whatsapp

whatsapp is not working in iphone 3g what should i do

whatsapp is not working in iphone 3g. what should i do.

iphone4 v4.3.5 whatsapp not working

hi guys,

i just bought my iphone and downloaded Whatsapp. but when ive type in my phone no. , a message saying Failed to verify your device. This is most likely caused by you upgrading or changing your phone. can any1 help me?=(

whatsapp not working on iphone 3G

I am using whatsapp on iphone 3G since one year. Today i couldnt log on to whatsapp, it says the new version cannot support my iOS and is asking me to update the same. However iOS 4.3 can not be updated on iphone 3G. This means i can not use whatsapp on my iphone 3G anymore. Any solutions?

my flash and camera will not work on muy iphone 4 it started working properly after the ios update but from one day to the other they both stoped working

hey hello well i´ve been having a little problem with my iphone4 a for a few days now, the thing is that out of nowhere my flash and back side camera stopped working  i havent dropped the phone at all and it just stoped working out of nowhere i touch the camera icon to open the camera and it just gives me a black screen i´ve searched on all the settings and its not working... One little thing that knew was that whe i scroll the scree from bottom to the top to find the shorcuts or optios where the flashlight is is not highlighted its like if the option is not available, like i said i´ve looked in restrictions as well and they are all off someone please help me


P.S: i mastered reseted my phone all settings and contents and restored as new already only front camera is working

How can I update whatsapp There is an update which i can not update.or can i interrupt the download

I need help for an upadte or to interrupt an update. To get to the App. How can i do this?

Whatsapp on Iphone 3G IOS 4.2.1

Whatsapp is working on iphone 3G with IOS 4.2.1 until it requires and update and then no longer works because the application in Apple Store needs IOS 4.3 or higher. Incredible! If the update can not work why it require this update? Now I can not use Whatsapp. These are the things that tells apart good sofware developers from bad ones. Please any help?

how to install Whatsapp in iOS 4.2.1

how to install Whatsapp in iOS 4.2.1?

unable to get facebook or whatsapp to install on iphone 3 says too old version ios

Iphone 3 g, unable install whatsapp or facebook, too old version of ios, what is the highest version ios for iphone 3?

iPhone Wi-Fi not working after iOS 5 update

Updated everything: Lion, iTunes, iOS 5.


iPads Wi-Fi connects to my AirPort Express network just fine, but iPhone 3GS sees my network, but cant connnect to it (Unable to connect...) with the only available action being Dismiss. Even tried Apples new iOS AirPort Utility. Exact same thing. Even deleted the known network and tried to connect from scratch - still the same problem.


Any suggestions?

Bluetooth Stopped Working with iOS 6.1 Update

My Jabra Icon Bluetooth headset worked flawlessly with iOS 6.02 on my iPhone 5.   I just updated to iOS 6.1 today and my phone didnt recognize my headset after the update.  When I put the headset into pairing mode, my phone discovered it.  However, when I select the headset on the phones Bluetooth screen, my headset says that it connected, but the iPhone says Pairing Unsuccessful.  Anyone else have this problem.  Ive tried rebooting and re-pairing several times. Please help.  Thanks!

Mic not working on speakerphone after iOS 5.1 update

Updated to 5.1 last night.


When using the phone, I click SPEAKER and whilst I can hear the other person, the mic on my iPhone is muted and they cant hear me.


Works fine without loudspeaker on.


Cannot press mute button to unmute, it has no effect.


Incidentally, the noise cancelling mic at the top, doesnt get muted, its on the main mic...


Anyone else having this problemo?



HT4623 iOS 6.0.2 update working incorrectly



Ever since I have updated my iphone 5 to iOS 6.0.2 then the wifi signal strength on the homescreen shows to be only 1 point even if the signal inside the settings is full and the notifications for messages comes twice while the message only comes once. Also most of the application just crashes . Is there a way I can revert my iOS to 6.0.1 ?

Bluetooth stopped working after iOS 6 update help

I use Bose Soundlink, and ever since i did the iOS 6, i can no longer connect to my Bose speaker. Its very frustrating! Does anyone know a fix or can someone at least tell me how to remove the update? Thanks SO much in advance!

ios 4.3 update Slide to Unlock not working consistently

Anybody else? And sometimes if slide is required to answer phone this does not work either. It happens from time to time but annoying and only after the most recent update.

Hi I have the 3GS with version 4.2.1 and I have just lost a few apps mostly whatsapp How do I update to get it back Preferably by iPhone

Hi, I have the 3GS with version 4.2.1 and I have just lost a few apps mostly whatsapp . How do I update to get it back . Preferably by iPhone

Update to iOS 6 - iPhone 4S - App Store and Facebook not working

I have just last night upgraded my iphone 4S to iOS6, so far out of few of the things i have tested are not working namely:


1. App Store, as soon as i click on App Store icon, it opens with a white background and thats it... no further movement,


2. Facebook. Same story with the facebook. WHite background and no response.


I have tried downing a soft restart as well as reset by holding home and power button for more than 15Seconds.


Anyone facing the same problem or has a solution please suggest asap.


At the moment struggling with the new iOS.


Anyhow, Maps are working fine ...

sleep button quit working after iOS 5 update on 3gs

i updated my iphone 3Gs with ios 5 and now the sllep button no longer works

vibrate stopped working after ios 5.1 update Any ideas or fixes

I updated my iPhone last night before going to sleep and the vibrate function stopped working after the update. I reset the phone multiple times and the vibrate function no longer works. Any ideas?

Hi I have an iPhone 3gs 8g and it has ios 4 how can I get ios 6 update when my itunes says i have latest update

My i tunes states i have latest update ios 4.1.

I cannot install any apps as they state i need ios 5 mor higher can anyone help with a link to update to ios 6.1.6 or any above 4.1 suitable for my spare iphone 3gs 8g

Thanks in advance............

HT4972 I have an Iphone3 and I cannot download the ios 4.3 I try to update and it says I am fully updated However I still cannot add any apps to my phone how do I go about downloading the ios 4.3 from the ios 4.1.2

I have an Iphone 3g and I cannot download any operating system past the ios 4.2.1. This operating system will not allow me to download any apps to my phone because they all say I need the ios 4.3.  Where and how do I go about downloading a newer ios in order to download apps to my phone?

i have an old 1 phone 3 gs and need to update to ios software but when enter settings general on phone there is no software Update option - how can i update to later version of ios

I have an 1 phoe 3gs and need to download newer version of IOS but when n settings , general - there is no Software Update option - how can i update to a leter version of IOS ?



I tried to update my phone to ios 6.x and when i updated my screen tells me to connect to itunes to allow my phone to open ive connected it to itunes but it still isnt working

When i updated my phones iOS to 6.1.1 i got screen when i looked at my phone after the update finished and its teling me to connect to itunes.

Even when i connect to itunes its still showing the screen. i use my phone for everything can someone please help me fix my problem.


The connect to itunes is the picture that takes up my screen with the USB cord below the itunes symbol.


Please help.

Thank you for your help.

Can iphone 3GS update the latest iOS e.g the iOS 6.1.4 or iOS 7

I want to upgrade my iOs

But,can I do that to iOS 6.1.4?

Need for more information

And I interested with the iOS 7,can I upgrade it to iphone 3gs?

i have purchased a 3gs and its jail broken i tried to update it and it did get update also but it is not working and techinal person said it is a locked.now how do i factory unlock it

i have purchased a 3gs and its jail broken. i tried to update it and it did get update also but it is not working, and techinal person said it is a locked.now how do i factory unlock it?

i have an iphone 3 i want to update to ios 5 but when i click check for updates on itunes it said its up to date when its only ios 4.2.1 please help

need help updating iphone 3 from ios 4.2.1 to ios 5 my itunes said its up to date when its only ios 4.2.1

iTunes won't allow me to update from iOS 3.1.3 to iOS 4 on iPhone 3G

So I know that when it comes to an iPhone 3G, it is better to keep it at iOS 3.1.3 however I really want to update it to the latest iOS. Thing is, it wont allow me to. Everytime I would click on update it would end up saying that my iPhone isnt eligible for the requested field. Its quite annoying and I have no idea what to do anymore. Ive tried restoring my phone and Ive looked online EVERYWHERE but nothing comes up so I have decided to go on here and see if anyone can help me out. It would be greatly appreciated as I dont know what else to do.

I already updated to iOS 5.0.1 but i tried to restore it and iTunes says i need to update it to iOS 5.0.1

My iPhone 3GS software is on iOS 5.0.1 with iCloud and everything. I want to restore it and everytime i click restore, it says an update is availabe (not on the summary screen) and i need to update it before i restore it. If i click okay, it downloads the 5.0.1, then an error message pops up saying that an error occured and it cannot update. Anybody know how to fix this? Any suggestions helpful



TS3694 Hi I have just bought a 3G and i can't update to ios 4 It comes up as error -1 Have tried on various computers but it won't update Can anyone help me please

Can anyone help me please. I have just bought an Iphone 3g.  slightly gutted because I was told it was a 3gs, but its not. Tried to update it as its currently running on ios 2 but it keeps coming up with error code -1.

I have tried it on varous computers but it still wont update. I have been told it is possible to do it but i havent got a clue.

Can anyone help please?

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