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when will iPhone calendar notify me of a birthday

when will iPhone calendar notify me of a birthday

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Birthday calendar - will not display a particular birthday

Both the iPhone Calendar and the MacBooks iCal create a Birthday calendar, based on entries in Contacts and/or Address Book (In iCal Preferences, show birthday calendar must be selected).
I have an entry in my contact list with a birthdate of September 4, 1932.
I cannot get that birthday to appear on my iPhones Birthday Calendar. It does appear on the iCal Birthday calendar and - believe it or not, it even appears on the MobileMe Birthday Calendar. It just will not appear on the iPhones Birthday Calendar.
That is the only entry I cant see on my iPhones Birthday Calendar. I have also tried to create fictitious contacts with that birthdate and they do not appear either.
I am requesting any other user (or users) to create a Address Book entry with the same birthdate and report whether it will display on the iPhones Birthday Calendar after a sync.
I am using the latest Mac, iTunes and iPhone software.
Thanks in advance to any users who respond.
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Birthday calendar on iPhone

Is there a way to synchronize the Birthday Calendar with the iPhone? My other calendars all synchronize, but as that one is part of the contacts it does not. Contacts are synchronized with birthday information, but it does not put it into the calendar on the iPhone.
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Birthday Calendar

How do i make a Birthday Calendar?

Displaying iCal Birthday Calendar instead of iPhone's

OK, so iOS4 has got a new built-in birthday calendar which pulls the birthday details from my Contacts and displays them in the Calendar view. And I found out I can turn it off in Settings. So far so good. But now it seems I can no longer view my iCal calendar (or subscription as it is called) for Birthdays like I used to be able to do?
Why would I want to do this? I have a large database of contacts in Address Book on my Mac, many of whom I dont ever phone and thus dont include on the Group that I sync with my iPhone, so I have an uncluttered contact list. But I do want the birthdays for my iCal people to appear on my iPhones Calendar.
Any suggestions please?
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How do I edit the birthday calendar

Where did it pull this information from? it is a day off and it wont let me change it.
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Alarmclock and Birthday-Date in Calendar

I enjoied to have the 3GS -at least for some ours...
Why doesnt work the alarmclock, when the phone is switched of?
(other phones like Nokia do that) So You can sleep undisturbed from
any calls but getting up on the right time!
Why does the birthday in Your contacts doesnt shown in the
calendar? Other phones & Outlook do that!
And by the way - the sycronisation is awfull when You just
want to syncronise the newest apps - Often it killed me the
data & apps that where already stored on the phone...
How can I get my disapointments to the manufacturer?
Cu Tabaluga
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Google Sync Birthday Calendar Birthdays show twice on iPhone

Anybody have a similar problem? I use google sync for calender, contacts and mail. I have the Contacts birthdays calender on Google and it displays fine online but when I look at my Calender app on my iPhone my contacts birthdays appear twice. Any help or insight is appreciated!
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iOS4 Birthday Calendar functions wrong

I put my daughter actual birthday into my contact for her, July 14 1990. It did not show up on the calendar with birthday calendar checked. I changed the date in the contact to July 14 2010 and it did show up. This means you must go through your contacts once a year and update them to the current year... this is a lot of useless work. I will stick to an annual reoccurring event on my calendar for now. Hope they fix this.

Mystery Birthday Calendar with OS4 Update

After I updated to OS4, I found that all my birthday entries appeared twice in my calendar views on the iPhone. Investigating further, I found that when I viewed all my calendars, I had two categories of calendars. First, I had xxxx@me.com which correctly showed the three calendars that I sync over Mobile Me (including my birthday calendar, synced from iCal). Second, however, I had a second calendar category/group titled Other that showed one calendar Birthdays.
I have unchecked this second Birthdays calendar to remove the duplicate entries from my calendar views, but I cannot figure out how to remove this Other calendar completely. This Other calendar group and the second Birthdays calendar appears neither on Mobile Me on the web or in my iCal.
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How can I get an alert for a birthday 4 days in advance from my Calendar

How can I get an alert four days in advance for a birthday from my Calendar?


Sync problem caused by birthday calendar

I cant sync between my iPhone 3G and my Powerbook anymore.
Looking into the log, the problem seems to be coming from a problem with a birthday calendar (please see log at the bottom of this post).
I have a clue, how the problem might have been created:
I installed the 2do app on the iPhone and synced it successfully many times (vie WLAN). Also, syncing my address book and calendar was no problem. Then suddenly in my iCal a second Birthday category popped up. The first one was the subscription from the birthdays in my address book. The (new) second birthday category was identical and duplicated my birthdays in iCal, so I erased one of the two (I dont remember which one).
Since about this time, no syncing is possible. I tried to erase the sync-history in iSync, but it didnt help.
Does anyone know how to resolve this problem/conflict?
I would be happy if someone told me how to erase all calendar, address book and syncing data from my mac and to recall all data from my iPhone if thats a promising strategy...
Thanks in advance!
The LOG:
29.03.10 11:49:54 ICalExternalSync Encountered CoreData could not fulfill a fault for 0x1c105e0 <x-coredata://5BB4AE6D-8862-4D64-8D29-B2EC8DA1F8D4/BirthdayCalendar/p1> with userInfo {
NSAffectedObjectsErrorKey = (
<CalManagedBirthdayCalendar: 0x2267c00> (entity: BirthdayCalendar; id: 0x1c105e0 <x-coredata://5BB4AE6D-8862-4D64-8D29-B2EC8DA1F8D4/BirthdayCalendar/p1> ; data: <fault>)
29.03.10 11:50:34 iCalExternalSyncICalExternalSync NSException name:NSObjectInaccessibleException reason:CoreData could not fulfill a fault for 0x1c105e0 <x-coredata://5BB4AE6D-8862-4D64-8D29-B2EC8DA1F8D4/BirthdayCalendar/p1>
29.03.10 11:50:34 ICalExternalSync Encountered CoreData could not fulfill a fault for 0x1c105e0 <x-coredata://5BB4AE6D-8862-4D64-8D29-B2EC8DA1F8D4/BirthdayCalendar/p1> with userInfo {
29.03.10 11:50:34 ICalExternalSync NSException name:NSObjectInaccessibleException reason:CoreData could not fulfill a fault for 0x1c105e0 <x-coredata://5BB4AE6D-8862-4D64-8D29-B2EC8DA1F8D4/BirthdayCalendar/p1>
Powerbook G4 1,67 GHz Mac OS X (10.5.8)

Birthday in address book not displaying in calendar on iPhone4

I have a persons birth date of 04/08/1926, when entered via contacts on either my iMac or Contacts on my iPhone it will show in ical on the iMac but will not display on the iPhone calendar. If I change the year to 1933 or later it will display.
Is this a fault with the iPhone software or is the phone just ageist?
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Will push email notify like an SMS in iPhone 3.0

When a new email is pushed to the iPhone (ie MobileMe), a red circle appears on the app, but this is the only notification available in the current iPhone software.
It would be great if new emails notify in lock mode and as a pop up window (like for SMS).
Does anyone know if the imminent iPhone 3.0 software will give us the option to enable this, as with applications?

my iphone 4s does not notify me of incoming text messages

I have an iphone 4s with the most recent operating system.  I have several contacts that no matter what I try, when they send me a text message my phone will not chime to notify me that a message has been received.  This is a very specific problem to only a few of my contacts.

iPhone does not notify me when I have new e-mail ymail account

Hi everyone, I purchased my iPhone yesterday and was very excited about the e-mail feature. I saw on many of the promotional videos that the iPhone will notify the user if they receive any new e-mails. I have gone through the steps and my iPhone has confirmed my account, but I have not yet been notified of any new e-mails in my inbox.
I have checked online at my ymail account to confirm I am indeed receiving e-mail.
So why doesnt my iPhone notify me when I get new e-mail?
Thank you very much for your help.
3G Mac OS X (10.4.11)

New email doesn't always notify me

Ive noticed that sometimes when I receive a new email (mobile me), iphone doesnt always notify me.
Ive set it to push, enabled the sound for new mail. It works most of the time, but not always.. Very random.
whats up?
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Birthday's do not always sync to iphone help

I have a mac book and the iphone 3g and the birthdays I have in my address book do not sync on to my calendar on the phone....this is so frustrating...please if you can!
mac Mac OS X (10.5.4)

Birthday calender missing on the iPhone

I manage the birthdays in my address book using the field birthday. This way they show up in iCal in a specific birthday calender. I cannot see this calender on my iPhone. All other calenders are visible.
Is there any way to display this calender too on the iPhone?
Macbook Pro Mac OS X (10.5.1) iPhone 3 G

My text alerts notify me 2 times when I text is sent Can I change this

When I get a text, the chime sound plays and the display turns on to show me the text. I look at the text before the screen shuts off and when I dont reply to it within 5 minutes, My phone chimes again.
I know I saw a setting for this a while back, but I combed through the settings and cannot find the setting where it says alert a second time. Is there a way to turn it off. I dont want to check my texts twice and when it rings a second time I think I got an email or something so I check it again.
Please help,
Thank you
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Outlook 2007 birthday 1 day before in iPhone

I sync my iPhone v2.1 with Outlook 2007 on Windows.
All birhtdays in Outlook appear one day off in the iPhone.
A Nov 3rd birthday, appears on Nov 2nd in the iphone contact birthday field.
On the iPhone I switched TomeZone off. On Outlook Im not using timezones either.
I tried to turn TimeZone on and set it to the same zone as my Outlook. Still no success.
Even deleting the contact on the iPhone side, then forcing a PC -> iPhone sync doesnt change anything...
Any clue?
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Iphone iOS 4 Contact Birthday Date Bug

Hello,Every time I add a contact and add their birthday the date of the birthday automatically moves by one day.For example, I will select someones birthday as the 23rd of march and click done but the contact birthday shows 24th. Even if I select a random date say 1st June, it will say 2nd. When I go into the calendar app and display the birthday calendar the birthdays are right though, it will have a notification as a birthday on the 23rd.I have done a fresh restore from a backup and as a new iphone, still I have the error.Im thinking that the contact list in iOS4 is set to a specific timezone different from my phones timezone as it adjusts it for a day. I live in New Zealand and my timezone settings are set to Auckland, New Zealand, even in the calendar time zone. When I change my timezone settings to somewhere in the USA it automatically changes the contacts birthdays to the correct date. When I change it back it adjusts te birthdays by a day again. This would be correct as the 23rd in USA would be the 24th here but my contacts are not in a different timezone so why does my iphone think they are? Even if a add a new contact it still changes the birthday date.Any help would be great.

Birthday problem

My father-in-law was born in 1931 and using the new, built-in Birthdays Calendar, the event doesnt show. If I change the year to 1933 however, it does.
(1932 doesnt show either)
Can somebody else please test and report their findings?
I can only help one person each day...and today is not your day ...tomorrow doesnt look good either!

One Birthday Entry Not Syncing

I have managed to sync all but one of my subscribed birthdays from the address book. Just one entry wont sync across. The address book entry is on the iPhone and the Birthday, however it wont show in the calendar. Any thoughts? Is it anything to do with the date...is there a limit, sounds silly but its in 1921 so is that too long ago. Im sure this cant be the cases otherwise they wouldnt allow you to enter it!

What is the new birthday calender for iOS 4 and how do you use it

What is the new birthday calender for iOS4 and how do you use it?
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Duplicate Birthday Entries in Cal

If I have a birth date loaded to a contact it shows up as a red dot in my Calendar. Now with iOS 4 there is a duplicate entry under that day with a blue dot (the color for my default calendar). How do I get rid of the duplicate entry?
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Adding Birthday entries without using the Contacts list

Hi all,
I have an iPhone 4 running iOS 4.2
The birthday calendar is working for me. It is picking up the birthdays of those people in my Contacts list.
However, it would ideally like to add birthday entries WITHOUT having to add the person to my Contact list.
These people are the children of family and friends. In these cases I need to know when their birthday is on, but have no interest in adding them as a contact. It just means more contacts to scroll through to find the person I want to communicate with.
I really want to have the birthday ICON for these people but cant see anyway of doing this without just using a normal event calendar entry.
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iPhone Calendar stripping Calendar dates from Outlook Calendar

My iPhone is stripping the dates OFF my Outlook Calendar when it synchs. How do I stop this? I need the calendar in BOTH places - This is wrecking havoc on my calendars. I am using mobileme if that has any bearing on it. Anyone help?
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is there a birthday reminder app that doesnt want to copy my contact info

I am trying to find a simple birthday reminder app that just sends an e-mail to me or does a pop up. I have downloaded a few but they all want to have my contact info uploaded onto their servers. Is there an app that i dont need to do that? Perhaps i am just old fashioned but i prefer not to send all my friends info to others (although i am sure it is all out there anyway!)
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Birthday entry will not display if year of birth equals or below 1932

My grandmother was born on May 15th, 1923. My grandmother is still alive and well.
When I add her birthday date to her contact entry, it will not display in the Calender.
While researching this, I have come to the conclusion that any birthday date will not display, if the year of birth is equal or below the year 1932.
1. Can someone confirm this issue?
2. Where do I report this bug?
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iOS 4 Birthday calender syncs with exchange calender how to stop this

I use google exchange, when i show multiple calenders on my iphone 4 (the birthday calender on ios4 for example) it loads onto my exchange calender. I want to keep these two calenders entirely separate. Can anyone advise?
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