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While syncing it says waiting to copy

While syncing it says waiting to copy

iphone unlocked

Upgraded iPhone 4 to iOS5 apps dissappeared they are in Desktop on computer but don't know how to copy them to iPhone Sync doesn't copy them

Just upgraded my iPhone 4 to iOS5.  All my apps disappeared off the iPhone.  Apps are still in iTunes on my computer, but dont Sync to the iPhone.  How can I copy the apps back to my iPhone?

iphone unlocked

how do I copy photos from my iphone camera roll to my mac When I had a PC it automatically brought up a window asking if I wanted to copy the photos across my mac doesnt

how do I copy photos from my iphone camera roll to my mac? When I had a PC it automatically brought up a window asking if I wanted to copy the photos across, my mac doesnt?

To every on waiting for shipments

It may come sooner than apple says it will. mine wasnt supposed to arive untill july 8. fedex dropped it off to my home today.
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waiting for activation

okay so i have had my iphone 3gs for about 8 months now and this is the 2nd time this problem has come up. i wake up one morning to find my iphone with no signal when i usually get 3-4 bars throughout my house (yes Ive taken it to a different location to test it) but it just responses with no service and this a message comes up and it says waiting for activation. i have tried resetting my networking settings etc i have tried restarting the phone and restoring it via itunes. I have no idea what the problem is or how to solve it
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Waiting for activation

Hey, I just received an iphone 3Gs for christmas, I upgraded from an iphone 3G. I hooked the 3gs up to ituneson my macbook and went through all the registration and regular steps, but for 10 or so hours my phone has had Waiting for activation, This may take some time. I of course have no service. Any suggestions or advice?
Thanks in advance.
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Call waiting

Just wondered if you could set a music or a ringtone for when people try to ring you like they do on the blackberrys instead of the normal ring ring
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call waiting

when i call someone and he is oncall with other one i should see indicator that i am on waiting but this does not happen on iphone?

app in waiting

I have downloaded an app on my iPhone4, however, it is larger than 20MG so it had prompted me to either access WIFI or connect to iTunes. I connected to itunes and downloaded it off my iMac. Problem is the icon remains in waiting then changes to loading then prompts me yet again to access WIFI or iTunes. What have i done wrong?

Waiting for activation

Hi all,

i have just reset my iphone (restore ios and make new iphone) and use ios 6.1. Then i turn on imessage and facetime. I want to activate by my phone number. but it is displayed waiting for activation... i keep it for a long time but it was also displayed Waiting for activation... Please help me to fix this problem! im using iphone 4, ios 6.1, region Vietnam, use Mobifone Service, carrier 14.

thanks for help!

Waiting for activation UK

Help! I bought an iPhone 3Gs over 24 hours ago and its still not activating. I get the following message:
Waiting for activation
This may take some time
Ive phoned O2 about it and they were their usual useless selves. Is this normal or should I go back to the shop and get them to fix it? The WiFi works perfectly - I just cant activate the phone so as to make phone calls or use 3G. I understand there were considerable activation delays in the US launch - perhaps the same is true here. Is anyone else experiencing this?
All advice will be greatly appreciated.
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App just waiting

Hoping someone can help. I downloaded a (free) app earlier on but its just sitting on the screen with waiting... underneath, has been for a few hours. It wont let me delete it and it doesnt even display on the apps tab of itunes.
Anny help appreciated
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Apps stuck Waiting

I tried to update some of my apps through the app store on my iphone and now those apps are just stuck on waiting, none of them are downloading even though they are connected to my wifi which is working fine. I then tried to update the apps through itunes on my computer instead which recognises the apps need updating but when I click the button to update them, nothing happens and itunes just stays on the same page. Any help appreciated.
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Mail waiting visibility

Is there an application which gives a visual indicator as to whether there is mail waiting, when the screensaver is on ?
I dislike logging in after every time I leave the phone for a while, just to find out there is no mail - perhaps something akin to the red flashing light available on the Blackberry, indicated mail is waiting and is therefore worth bothering entering the password ?
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iPhone Application Waiting

I tried to download the new Google app. I think it downloaded, but when it was installing, it was taking so long I had to turn off the phone for a while. Now the icon with a progress window is on my iPhone with waiting below it.
Ive tried to delete it through iTunes with no luck. I tried tapping it to remove it like other apps, but it doesnt get an x in the corner to delete it.
I want to reinstall it. How can I do that?
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remove app that says waiting

I went to download an app but has done it twice, 1st is ok but 2nd just says its waiting and I cannot remove it in the normal way, wont restart or anything!! Help!!
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Waiting fro activation

Last night I received the message on my iphone. It was Waiting for activation, This may take some time.
Does anyone know what this is or what to do about it? It is still there this morning.
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App says waiting constantly

I downloaded galaxy on fire from the app store and when it put it onto my home screen it also put another box which is just grey in colour and says waiting underneath it. When I press and hold it, it doesnt have the x to delete it so its stuck on my home screen.
Any ideas how to get rid of it.
Oh and I tried deleting the original app but it made no difference.
Thanks in advance.
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Imessage-Waiting for activation

How do I fix this? I message does not work, neither does facetime.

Thanks. I just got the phone yesterday....is this a common problem or is it a fault in the phone I received.

Waiting for activation - This could take some time

I am seeing this message for both my iPhones for the past 7 hours. Is something wrong ? I tried switching off the old phones and restarting iPhone .. doesnt work. I am upgrading from an old phone which i took from cingular in dec 2006. Any ideas on when i can start making calls from iPhone ?
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Apps stuck on 'Waiting '

I updated my iPhone4 to the new 4.1 software yesterday and then went to update an App that I have been using for ages. However all that has happened is that the App icon has gone lank and it says Waiting.... it has been saying this now for over 12hrs. I tried installing a new app as well to see if this might make it work, but it is now doing the same thing.
does anyone have any ideas how i can fix this?
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Waiting her husband leaves

Sorry, can’t find(again): Assuming I wrote a message and want to send later; how can the written content been saved?
_______ k.
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My iMessage still says Waiting for activation

Updated to iOS5 around noon today.  My iMessage still says Waiting for activation..., someone told me there was a email I was supposed to receive.  I never got one.  How do I get Apple to resend said email, or more to the point - activate iMessage on my Telus iPhone 4?


Apps not downloading just says waiting

When I click to install an app, the icon that pops up is grey and says waiting... No loading or anything, just complete inactivity. Also, I cant delete the icon, it just sits there, whats the deal here?
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App is stuck on waiting



     I recently tried to update the instagram app as well as a few others. Every other app successfully updated except for instagram which has been stuck on waiting. Ive tried everything but the app is still says waiting..

Any suggestions?

Various apps stuck at waiting

So i have a crappy internet connection on my 1st generation iPhone,well was messing around with it today and decided to finally update the apps i keep on seeing need an update on the iTunes store. Well long story short i go and click on update all and now i have 10 apps stuck at waiting. Their icons are gone,its only gray boxes with the bar in black and the words waiting... at the bottom dont know what i can do,this has never happened to me before,please help!
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Waiting For Activation help needed

Hi, I have bought a iPhone 3G 8GB from ebay. I have checked the IMEI number on checkmend and there are no reported problems. It is apparently on o2 but I want to unlock it for use on Vodafone. I have bought a o2 pay as you go sim card so that I can get it unlocked properly but when I insert it I get the message Waiting for activation, this may take a while but it never goes until I press dismiss then it just says No Service.
Under the carrier menu the only provider listed is Orange but under the phone menu in settings the last box does say o2!
Can anyone help? Ive tried googling, restoring the iphone, uninstalling and re-installing itunes. Does anyone know what the problem could be or better still anyone know of a solution?
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iMessage is waiting for activation Please help

Please help me!


I keep getting waiting for activation on my iMessage. I can only send/receive iMessage from my email address, NOT my phone number.

Under Receive at, my phone number isnt listed at all and I have no way of adding it.


Ive checked under setting phone my number. And the phone # is listed correctly. (I live in Indonesia so its +62xxxxx).

And Im not sure if this is connected or not, but under setting phone show my caller ID, the ON button is greyed out.


A little history & weird problems I encountered:

My iPhone 4S was stolen about a month ago (Im still ****** about it).I did a remote wipe on it and I figured the person who stole is has thrown away the SIM card because the number isnt active anymore.


So I just bought a brand new iPhone 4S and a new number again. I synced it to iTunes and upgraded it to iOS 5.1 then I did a restore from my old back up. Everything was fine except for the iMessage. It shows waiting for actvation. When I tap under Receive At, the email address is listed as well as my OLD phone number (the one that was stolen). It was greyed out and the status was verying which later turned to error. I have no way of editing or removing that old number. When I connect my iPhone to iTunes, the phone # was shown as n/a on iTunes, but after 30 mins or so, it will appear.


So I did a restore again and this time set is as a new iPhone. The old phone number is now gone, but only my email address is listed. I cant input my phone number there.


I have done all kind of fixing suggestions that I can find online, but nothing works so far.

- Date & time set as automatic (I dont know why this matter, but mine was already set as automatic from the begining)

- Reset network setting

- Changing the DNS to

- Restore to factory setting (from back up & as new iPhone)

- Turning on/off iMessage & facetime

- Sign out/in of apple ID

- Change location from apple ID

- Hard reset/reboot

And many others.


Is this an error on my iPhone or maybe the iOS or is it the carrier?


Any input is greatly appreciated!

How to delete waiting icon

I tried to download an app, and for three days I have had a black icon on my home screen saying waiting...
Is there a way to delete it?
Traditional method doesnt work, no delete x!
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Who else isn't exchanging their iPhone 4 and waiting like me

After reading lots of posts where people were exchanging phone after phone (in some cases 6 or 7 times) without either their camera or antenna issue being resolved, I have decided to hold onto my i4 and wait for a software fix. Hopefully it will be coming. I got mine first day out so tomorrow is my P-Day (phone day) deadline. Did anyone else choose to do this? I hope Im not making a mistake.
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Facetime 'Waiting for Activation' after 4.3 update

Hey there,
Just updated to iOS 4.3 and went to do Facetime only to find its saying Waiting for Activation underneath the on/off toggle. Ive tried turning it on and off, restarting the device, syncing to itunes, sending out a text, and calling (which both work fine).
Im on T-Mobile in the UK. Any ideas?
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