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why cant i get my iphone photo to fit wallpaper

why cant i get my iphone photo to fit wallpaper

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IOS 7 wallpaper resizing will not shrink photo to fit screen

After update, wallpaper stretchs larger than image.  Unable to resize smaller to fit screen.  My photo only measures 24k @ 261x231 and is HUGE; bigger than the screen can accommodatem (shrink).  Cannot resize smaller to fit screen.  Any ideas/suggestions?   I have tried resizing my photo (smaller crop in size and dimensions) and photos render too large for screen.   Cannot resize smaller to fit.   I know I am repeating myself.  Just to be clear.  Am I doing something incorrectly in IOS 7?   Any ideas/suggestions or similar problems solving input would be appreciated. 

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Wallpaper Question - move or copy wallpaper back to photo album

Okay so I took a great pic of the kids and set it as my wallpaper. When I downloaded the pics to my imac, the wallpaper pic came across looking like the wallpaper (with date/time stamp and slider on top) I really want just the pic again, and I didnt see it in my iphoto as just the photo. Is there anyway I can copy or move the image back to my photo library on the phone?
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How to recover iPhone wallpaper photo

OK, I took a photo with my iPhone and then used it as my Wallpaper. I now cannot find the original photo. How do I access the location where the Wallpaper photo is stored so that I might retrieve it?
Going to Settings ==> Wallpaper ==> Wallpaper does not reveal the photo, nor is the photo in Camera Roll or Photo Library or any of my Synched Photo Folders. And finally, it is not in my iPhoto Library.
So this is the problem; I have one copy of the photo, it appears as my Wallpaper (I hate that PC terminology!) and I need to access it so I can keep a backup.
I tried several of the Access you iPod/iPhone apps but none of them can go to that mysterious secret location where your active wallpaper photo is hidden. Assistance would be appreciated. Thanks.
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Trying to recover wallpaper photo - where is it hidden on my iphone

My normal iphone wallpaper is a photo I took with the iphone itself. I was looking at some other wallpapers, installed one to see how it looked, and when I tried to go back to my original wallpaper it was gone.
I think the photo is still there somehome. On my Iphone camera roll it shows (1), but when I open the roll it says there are no photos.
How can I search my Iphone to find the old photo to re-use it as wallpaper? Ive looked and looked and cant find any way to search my iphone for images.
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Wallpaper on iPhone 3GS - Automatic scroll through Photo Library

On my MB I have set as Screen Saver a set of photos that I have installed in System Preferences/Desktop & Screen Saver. I have set the whole thing to toggle through the different photos in the Screen Saver folder.
Now I have synced iPhone to import that Screen Saver folder. I have found no way to have iPhone toggle (automatically as in the MB) through the photos.
Is it possible? How?
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Rotate photo in library to make it wallpaper

Ive been sent a pic in the wrong orientation.
How do I rotate this to make it look right on the iPhone?
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Pro.Fit MiCradle Car Mount - Really Thin Case That Would Fit

Hey Everyone,
My first post, btw...
I decided to buy a Pro.Fit car mount for my iPhone, but was torn between the miCradle (the iPhone-specific mount) and the iGrip (a spring-loaded mount for various small electronic devices).
I was leaning towards the iGrip because my iPhone is in a case (Showcase), and lets just say I, my own personal grip while holding my phone isnt the best.
I was leaning towards the miCradle because I dont really want a spring-loaded car mount. I used to have one, and after a while, it started to give...eventually not providing any grip on my phone. The one thing about the miCradle is that it was designed for iPhones that are not in a case. The dimensions were based exactly on that of the iPhone.
I ordered both mounts and decided to look at em and explore my options, then Ill decide which one I want to use, and return the other.
There must be some extra room on the miCradle for the iPhone to be mounted to it. A little room to move around. There must be an extremely thin case out there somewhere that could fit into it.
Does anyone know of any really thin cases out there that only minimally impact the dimensions of the iPhone? I just want some sort of protection out there somewhere.
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Will accessories that fit 3G fit 3GS

So will cases, docks, etc be the same?
This may be a redundant question, but I can not find an answer. looking at specs, they look the same. Thank You

Picture set as wallpaper deleted pic wallpaper remains

I took a photo and used it as wallpaper on my phone, then managed to delete the photo from the camera roll. However, it still shows as wallpaper.
I actually like the image, and would want to recover it if I could, even in the low res format it will now have. Does anyone know how I can access the image? It isnt in the wallpapers, nor the camera roll, and downloading all images to my laptop (using Image Capture) doesnt bring it in either. I guess it must be lodged internally somewhere!
I also upgraded to 3G, expecting to lose the image but it has transferred over to the new handset too. It *must* be in the phone somewhere!
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Where is photo library on iPhone 4 I don't use iPhoto since I have a PC I have saved puctures from other apps that say 'saved in photo library' but that is not in my photo app Only shows camera roll Where is photo library

Where is the photo library on iPhone 4? I dont use iPhoto since I use a PC and even I save a picture from another app it days saved to photo library but that does not show in my photo app. Only have Camera Roll. Where is the photo library

How much more can I fit on my iPhone

I have an iPhone app that tells me how much longer I can talk, or watch videos, or listen to music, or web surf based on remaining battery charge. 

Is there a similar app for letting me know how many songs I can fit, or videos or apps based on remainng disk space? I realize such files all vary in size but it would be nice to know if I have room on the fly as needed - I.e. you have room for 500 photos of 1.2mb each. I also understand iTunes summary shows me a usage bar, but Im in need of this info outside of an iTunes sync.


Thanks in advance

cables that fit iPhone

I have the Audio-Technica ATH-ANC7 QuietPoint headphones, which include a detachable cable, and theyd be great to use with an iPhone. Problem is, of course, the headphone jack. Does anyone know any CABLES that will fit the iPhones (and the QuietPoints slightly wider) recessed jack? This issue is one of the main things keeping me from buying an iPhone. Thanks.
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Iphone 4 fit old dock

I just ordered an iphone 4. I have one of the original iphones. Does the old dock for charging fit the new iphone 4? Also, I have a car charger for the old iphone. Will it work with the iphone 4?
Thanks in advance.
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How does the iphone Bluetooth fit in your ear

My last bluetooth headset kepted falling out of my ear. Does the iphone fall out of yours? I noticed it looks like it goes off one size fits all model no additional ear attachments to make it fit your ear size or conture. Please advise since this will utimately effect my buy decision.
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3GS docks - will they fit iPhone 4

I have things like a desk dock, and more importantly the tom-tom car mount for my 3GS.
Do we know if these will fit the iPhone 4?
I hope so.
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will iphone 5 connector fit my dock

Hi I currently have a 3GS that fits my Sony stereo with a built-in docking station. The Sony dock has the 30 pin adapter.  With with new connector on the iPhone 5 is there any information as yet as to whether there will be a way to connect the new phone to my stereo? Or am I looking at my stereo no longer being able to play my music directly from the phone via a connector?





Case pouch to fit around iPhone 4 with bumper

I want to leave my bumper on all the time. At times when I require greater protection Id also like to be able to store the iPhone 4 with the bumper on in a pouch or similar case. Any suggestions?

Apple Composite AV Cable does not fit IPhone 3G

I purchased a new Apple Composite AV Cable and it does not does not fit my IPhone 3G. It does fit my Itouch. Any suggestions?
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Do Apple's own 'in ear' headphones work with fit in iPhone

I just want to know if the plastic part of the in ear headphones fits in the recessed iPhone jack. I know that it used to be small enough but knowing Apple, it is probably incompatible now.
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Is the incase snap case for iphone 4 going to fit right on the verizon one

I am getting my iphone 4 for verizon in the mail soon. My friend has the at&t one and suggested the incase snap case for it. I really like it and am interested in it. He told me that the verizon version of the iphone may be slightly different where the buttons are etc. and said to hold off on it first.
Is the incase snap case going to line up? And if not will there be a verizon version coming out soon?

Belt pouch which is a snug fit for iPhone with the bumper on

Im looking for a belt pouch which is exactly the right size for an iPhone with the Apple bumper on. A snug fit would be preferable because it works better when silent mode is on.
Probably a better question is - is there another phone which is the same size as an iPhone with the bumper on? Then I can look at cases designed for that phone.
Thanks for suggestions.
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Jawbone fit

Question for the Jawbone using folks;
I cant quite tell from looking through the packaging, so to clarify, would you say the speaker of the Jawbone sits on your ear, or in your ear?
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iPhone 3g with case wont fit in charging dock Adapter available

I purchased a Griffin slim case for my iPhone 3G but now it doesnt fit in my charging dock. Are there any adapters for the charging dock which would allow the phone to fit without having to remove the case to go in the dock?
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3GS doesn't fit into iPhone Bluetooth Headset cradle

Just got my first iPhone, the 3GS. However, I already own the iPhone Bluetooth headset, which comes with a cradle that it supposed to accommodate the bluetooth and the iPhone. Since the new 3GS supposedly has the same dimensions as previous phones, it should fit, right?
I tried putting the 3GS into the cradle and the latter was a tiny bit too small. The phone almost fit in the port but didnt, and I didnt want to force it. Anyone know if its supposed to fit?
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Screen doesn't fit

Since two days, my screens dont fit anymore on my iPhone4. I can scroll (only a millimeter or two) up and down and left to right, even on the home screen!
It bothers me, because I have no clue how it happened. I shut down my phone and restarted it again, but that did not solve the problem. Also syncing with my MacBook did not resolve this.
I did install some apps in the last few days. Before I delete the last ones, I rather have professional advice on this.
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HT4528 My friend sent me an invite to join a photo stream Photo streaming is turned on everywhere But the phone does NOTHING when I click to join the photo stream What am I doing wrong

Please help!!!

Why is it that with iOS 7 pictures do not fit the screen

When I try to set pictures as the background on my iPhone 5, they do not scale to the screen. Although a little problem that I have tried to ignore, its become very annoying. It only started doing this after I updated to iOS 7 and had carried on through the updates. Help!!

does a shop in the UK fit invisible shields

I just got the zagg full body shield and dont wanna fit it myself when the iphoen comes is there a shop that does it for a small fee? in the UK
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Headphones will not fit into headphone jack

When I originally bought my iPhone 3G, the included apple-headphones fit into the jack perfectly. Now they do not go completely into the jack, and I can still see about a quarter of an inch of metal hanging out. This also appears to have rendered the headphone remote button useless as well.
Im pretty sure nothing is clogging the jack, does anyone have this problem (or a solution)?
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Headphones Headphone jack - DOESNT FIT

Why on earth has apple made the headphone jack input on the iPhone so far into the device that only the less than adequate apple in-ear headphones will fit? I bought an iPhone 2 days ago and am generally thoroughly happy with it apart from this apparent design flaw. Can anyone suggest anything?
I have a pair of Sennheiser HD25s which I used to use with my old iPod. The jack wont go into the iPhone far enough for it recognise that Im using headphones and stop the audio from coming out of the built-in speaker. How annoying!!
Ive also tried a normal mini-jack lead to plug into a PA system and it doesnt fit. Apple - what the ****!?
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