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why cant i receive my text on iphone 5s

why cant i receive my text on iphone 5s

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My iPhone 4 won't receive or send text messages although I can receive call n make calls N I'm also connected to the wifi just can send or receive text or iMessage Please help I've tried everything

My iPhone 4 wont send or receive any message text or iMessage and my wifi is connected and I can recite and make calls still n fb still works as well. My phone was working fine until about 2pm yesterday.

iphone unlocked

IPhone 3g text tone sounds do not go when i receive a text

Hi all,


I have a IPHONE 3G...16GB.....


It has been jailbroken and I have put custom text alerts and ringtones on my iphone.......now when someone texts me, i dont hear the sound at all, the phone only vibrates.....does anyone have any idea of what is happening.....




1.  My phone is not on silent....

2.  The text tones play when I go and check them...



Please help as this is sooo frustrating......Common APPLE......DO SOMETHING.....RRRRrrrrrrrrrr........

iPhone 4 can send text's but doesn't receive help

For the past few days at home my iPhone 4 has been not receiving any texts or phone calls and yet if i send a text or phone call suddenly a big pile up of texts and missed calls come through. After making a text phone call its almost as if connection is reestablished and i can then receive messages and calls as normal once again but after a few hours it returns again.
My iPhone has been showing up as having signal the whole time and yet when i tried phoning from my landline it went through to answer machine. Im completely lost by this.

my iphone 4 cannot receive text messages from the philippines

my iphone 4 cannot receive text messages from the philippines

My iphone 4 can't call or text receive calls and texts

Ive tried restoring it to factory settings, Ive already went through the troubleshoot section - nothing works! My sim card works on other phones perfectly fine (T-Mobile but it says EE)..



What should I do?


Ive tried resetting everything.

Ive tried repositioning the sim card.

Ive tried putting the T-Mobile sim card into another phone and it works.

Ive done a factory restore by putting it into the DFU settings and then restoring it via itunes.



When I try to call from the iphone, it goes *BEEP BEEP BEEP* Call Ended.


When someone tries to call my iphone, it goes Im sorry, calls are currently not being connected to this number.



When someone sends a text to the iphone, the iphone doesnt receive it.




It is on IOS 6.0.1. Not jailbroken or unlocked. Its with T-Mobile. This is my White iPhone 4 16gb.



The T-Mobile sim card works on other phones, but not on the iPhone.


The iPhone also shows a full 5 bar connection.



Whats going on How can I fix this Can somebody please help me =/

Can I use 67 with a number I receive in a text

I frequently receive phone numbers in texts that I need to call.  On my older Droid, I could tap the number, then add *67 to the front of the number before dialing it.  Or, if I recognized that the phone operator had inputed our area code incorrectly I could change just that before dialing.  Is there any way to do that on my new IPhone 5?

Can receive text msgs but cannot send

A few days ago I began to be unable to send text msgs. Using iPhone 3G, it appears that the send button is dithered greyed out. I tap it but nothing happens. I can email, and obviously type text online (as here) but cannot send text. I deleted MSG history, cleared cache, cleared recent calls, cleared email history to no avail. I can receive text just dandy but cannot send. Can anyone shed some light here or do I go see the geniuses at the store and get a new phone. ( it seems every time I have a phone problem like this, they cant fix it they just give me another phone) Would really like to not have to go to the store. Thanks in advance for anyones help!
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Can't send or receive text messages

I just changed to an iPhone from a Samsung Epix yesterday. My account has text messaging enabled and it worked fine with the old phone. Everything on the iPhone works fabulously except the text messaging.
Is there an easy way to turn on text messaging on my phone?
iPhone 3G iPhone OS 3.1.2

I receive notifications of new texts but I can't find my text messages in my iphone 4 inbox

Ever since I synchronized my iphone 4 with my itunes I cant find my text messages in my inbox. I receive notifications that I have new text messages but when I unlock my phone there are no red bubbles on the messages icon and my inbox is blank. I have tried resetting my iphone and turning it on and off I have also updated it but nothing helps. I open my messages inbox and its competely blank no record of received or sent messages. When I first synced my iphone I restored it but with my ipod info Idk if this is a problem related to this or just that randomly happened. I can send texts and I guess I can receive them but the problem is that they are not in my inbox and I really dont know whats going on. Did this ever happen to anybody else ?

It Takes hours for me to receive my text messages why is that

Lately I would recieve messages hours late or sometimes just not recieve them. When I send texts, its takes forever to send.

a friend of me receive old text messages from me without reasons

i dont know whats happening but my friend is receiving sometimes very old text messages from me whereas i did not send them back...
is it a common issue ?

Can sent text but not receive text

Does anyone have any idea why I would be able to send texts but not receive them? It just started this morning. I know of at least 2 text I missed. Nothing has changed on my phone. I have a 3GS. Thanks!!
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My 3Gs will not receive or send pix via text I have the MMS on

My 3Gs will not receive or send pix via text, I have the MMS on.

Cannot receive Internaltional Text messages with new software 3.0.1 release

Hey there, my husband is currently in England and hes been texting me while hes away. I can send him text message, but not get any from him.
I downloaded the latest iPhone software 3.0.1 release on Saturday evening and since then.... Ive got nothing. Husband called his carrier (we have different carriers) and they report all is fine on his end. I called AT&T and they say all is fine on my end. They even sent an network update to the phone. I powered it down a few times, but no text messages after the phone is turned back on.
I have no problems sending and receiving domestic text messages.
Anyone else having this issue to? What was the fix, if any?
Thanks in advance.
iPhone iPhone OS 3.0.1

can you send or receive text messages with pictures attached

a friend is trying to send me a text message with a picture included. i never heard of that, but he claims his phone, a treo, can do that.
imac Mac OS X (10.4.9)

When I receive text messages my phone does not play a tone

When I receive text messages my phone does not play a tone it only vibrates however my wifes phone with the exact same settings as mine plays the tone when a text message is received. 

My iphone4 is extremely tempremental when deciding to vibrate when I receive a text

IPhone4 Version 4.3.3 (8J2)


I recieve a text and sometimes my phone will vibrate like buzz buzz.

Sometimes itll vibrate once, or three times or half a vibrate..very messed up.

Sometimes it wont vibrate at all..the screen will light up and thats it.

Sometimes the screen will sort of just flash without vibrating or staying lit up.


This all seems to have happened after I updated.

I want to take my phone o an apple store and ask them, but how do I prove the above? :/


Thank you for your help

Do you have to turn cellular data on to receive photo attachments by text

Do you have to turn on cellular data on iPhone 5 in order to receive photo attachments sent by text? 

HT1349 How can I report fraudulent Apple text messages that I receive

How can I report fraudulent Apple text messages that I receive?

Recently unable to consistenly send receive phone calls or text messages

About a month ago I stopped getting consistent service for my iPhone 3GS.  Ive spoken to my carrier and they insist its the phone.  Ive taken the phone to an Apple store and they insist the phone is fine.  Ive gone back and forth between the two, but am out of ideas.  Ive gone so far as to restore my iPhone, but Im still having service issues.  Its only at home and at work where Im no longer able to get any service.


Ive also had some issue with the phone suddenly powering itself down where the apple symbol is displayed on the screen and Im not able to turn it off or on until it seems to reset itself.  I mentioned this issue to the Apple Genius when I took it in and they still insisted there was nothing coming up when they plugged it into their diagnositc program.


My carriers suggestion is to upgrade the phone and sign another 3 year contract (in other words, spend more money with them).  Hubbys iPhone 4 seems to work fine at home and has no network issues.  I know I have an old phone and Im wondering if they really do degrade like the carrier insists?  Its no longer under warranty, so it would be cheaper to upgrade with the carrier, unless its their network at fault, in which case a new phone wont solve the problem.


Any thoughts or suggestions on what the problem could be?  Do you think the phones just dying?

I typed a text message from my iphone 4 to my wifes iphone 4 but she did not receive it What to do

I typed a text message from my iphone 4 to my wifes iphone 4 but she did not receive it. The iphone user guide does not explain text messaging. Help.

Is there anyway to sync an iphone to a macbook to receive all of your text messages thru the macbook

Anyway of syncing an iphone to an macbook so that you can receive text messages that are being sent to your iphone # on the macbook?

While sending a text if i receive one the message won't send i can't send messages for a few seconds

When i send a text, the white bar on the top says sending, but if i receive a text before its about halfway full the phone wont send the message at all. Then i have to wait about 30 seconds for that one to fail, copy and paste that message, send it again, and then continue on. It happens about 100 times a day and is getting very annoying. i use a white iphone 4, 32GB, for verizon.

Why can't I make or receive phone calls receive or send texts

I have an iPhone with sprint, and it has worked more than amazingly prior to this. It wasnt until last night around 12am that this started. I have had the phone for 4 to 5 months now. The bars in the top left are flat and occasionally one will pop up. I can t make calls and texts are slow to or just dont send at all. I was messing around on my download app in the browser and it closed and then thu problem arises. I have deleted the app even turned on and off my phone several times and turned airplane mode on and off several times. Please help:/ this is not an issue with location, and everytime I make calls it just says calling mobile... please help!:/

HT5567 Why did the 6.0 upgrade kill my phone I can't make calls or send or receive text messages 80 of the time Is it a cash grab for apple to get a persons to spend more money on a new phone

Whats apples deal?

I receive calls but can't place a call I send and receive messages and mails I drop some water on top of the phone

Accidentally I drop couple drops of water on the phone.

The phone still works perfect.

I send and receive mails, text messages, and I also can receive calls hear and talk.

But when I want to place a call i automatically receive error message.

I change my chip to other phone and worked perfect.

I try using a different sim on iPhone and has the same problem, just cant make a call.

I updated ios.

I restore to factory.

And still the same problem.

Can someone help me ?

Telephone company says they just cant help because is not line problem and it seems they cant solve the hardware problem.

I just upgraded my iPhone 5 to IOS 6.1 now my wife gets CC on on text messages She will send me a text from her phone and it will show up on on her own message queue as a new text really weird how do I fix

I just upgraded my iPhone 5 to IOS 6.1 -- now my wife gets CCd on many of text messages.  She will send me a text from her phone and it will show up on on her own message queue as a new text.  I was sending and receiving text messages to co-workers while on a business trip and she was getting the entire conversation on her phone.  Only began to occur after the upgrade.    really weird.  how do I fix?

TS2621 A problem that I have been struggling with for some days one I can send and receive emails from my iPhone 3GS over wifi and can receive emails on 3G but not send them I have trid all the obvious things like delete and reset the email account

A problem that I have been struggling with for some days one. I can send and receive emails from my iPhone 3GS  over wifi and can receive emails on 3G but not send them. I have tried all the  obvious things like delete and reset the email account etc but to no avail. I this a service provider issue or is my phone network at fault. Anyone else found and solved this problem?

cannot receive calls directly go to voice mail how to receive calls

I cannot receive calls; all calls are directly go to voice mail.  How can I receive calls? 

My wife and I both have iPhones 4 and when I get a text she get the same text how can I change this so only I can get my text

My wife and I have both IPhone 4 and we both get the same text message, how can I change this so we both get our own.

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