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Why does my FaceTime not work

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Question:Why does my FaceTime not work

Wondering why everytime i try to make a FaceTime call or someone else tries to FaceTime me, it does not work

Answer:Why does my FaceTime not work

iphone unlocked

eh could you please be a bit more precise?


what exactly is the problem, whats the message?

what facetime are you using?


what are you actually triing to do:

iphone/ipod/ipad - mac

iphone/ipod/ipad - iphone/ipod/ipad

mac - mac


by the way: you cant use facetime with an iphone/ipod/ipad via 3G.

Answer:Why does my FaceTime not work

Its impossible to say without more information. Just saying it does not work gives us no clues to help you.


What version of iOS?


Have you activated FaceTime?


What country are you in?


Are you connected to a WiFi network?


Do you get any error messages? If so, what do they say?


Read this: http://support.apple.com/kb/ht4319

Answer:Why does my FaceTime not work

It is saying the caller you are trying to FaceTime does not have fAcetime. But they do. I live in Australia And I am also connected to wifi

Answer:Why does my FaceTime not work

there was a problem like this in the beta, but i guess you dont use the beta, do you?

Answer:Why does my FaceTime not work

No I dont use beta. Any tips on how I can get if working

Answer:Why does my FaceTime not work

Did you look at the FaceTime support article I posted a link to? Plenty of tips and things to check there...

Answer:Why does my FaceTime not work

i have the brand new 2011 macbook pro and my gf has the brand new macbook pro and when we try to facetime it will never connect anyone have any idea what the problem could be? most likely has something to do with her router set up

Answer:Why does my FaceTime not work

Click on settings icon. Select WIFI from the menu. Select the wifi network you are connect to. Replace the value in DNS field with or


It started to work for me after I changed this setting. You can do the same setting on iMac if you are facing the problem in using FaceTime.

Answer:Why does my FaceTime not work

Another point to note. The change needs to be done on both the iPads.

Answer:Why does my FaceTime not work

I know at least five people with the full compliment of Mac, iPhone, and  iPad 2 -- all with Facetime. We all have problems. Three of us are software engineers.


Facetime is a great concept but has systemic issues. Hope they get fixed. Weve gone back to Skype--theyre video calling works, even on mobile over 3G.

iphone unlocked

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