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why does my iphone 5 hang up to.answer incoming call

why does my iphone 5 hang up to.answer incoming call

iphone unlocked

Why do incoming call answer controls look different

Some incoming calls on my phone have a Slide to Answer control at the bottom. Other calls have 2 buttons to either accept or reject the call. Why does it show 2 different ways to answer the call?
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iphone unlocked

iPhone 4 won't unlock to answer incoming call

My iPhone iOS version is actually 4.3.3 but this site does not have this choice. Only occationally, Im unable to answer an incomming call due to the unlock slider not responding. I have to wait for the caller to hang up or for the call to go to voice mail. Only thin can I unlock the phone... and when I do, it works perfectly again. Im on my third phone in about a month of making the purchase. Im not happy at all! I was supposed to get a Blackberry as the standard device my company supports. I convinced my boss to allow me to get the iPhone because of the horror stories Ive herad about the Blackberry Torch. Now Im wishing I never upgraded to a smart phone. My old Nokia 6126 doesnt seem so bad any more...


iPhone 1: Took it back to AT&T. The woman plinked around and told me that nothing was wrong with it and said that if I was having problems to take it to the Apple store. Not being satisfied with that answer I walked over to the Apple store and spoke with the guy at the entrance. He said that this was a known bug and the next time it happens to press the Home button then the slider would work. The next day it failed and pressing Home didnt help. I took the phone to Apple and they did a complete restore. It failed a day or two later and I went back. This time they gave me a new one.


iPhone 2: Worked okay for 6 days. Took it back and they gave me a new one.


iPhone 3: Worked okay for 3 days.


What a piece of crap!

my iphone 4 can't call out or receive incoming call wifi still working as usual everything ok except incoming

Ive updated my iphone4 to iOS5 , everythings been fine until last night when my iphone had problems is receiving incoming & outgoing call . I cant send nor receive a text message. called my network provider , they said nothing wrong with my microsim card/network.


Please help .. much appreciated :)

I am not able to receive incoming calls some time on my iphone5 When made calls to my iPhone I am not getting missed call or incoming call My network signal is ok This Issue occurs some time in a day

I am not able to receive incoming calls some time on my iphone5. When made calls to my iPhone I am not getting missed call or incoming call. My network signal is ok. This Issue occurs some time in a day.

the person who is calling says my phone was ringing or some times it got discounected after one ring.

my phone network was ok

Is there a way that you can hang up on specific contacts in a conference call without ending the call all together

Why does my iPhone 4 beeps twice during a call and hang up

I have had my phone for 8 days, and this just started today.  Any help is appreciated!

Automatic answer on incoming calls

When I moved to iPhone from another phone, I am missing the feature of have incoming calls automatically answered, when wearing the provided earphones.
I know I can answer clicking on a button, but it may happen on mobile or work situations, I cant use my hands when incoming call comes, and the automated answer will help really a lot.
I wonder, there exists some kind of Apple or third party earphones who does have that feature? Or it needs be implemented in iOs to be available?
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iphone touchscreen dies when I'm on a call- can't hang-up

I have a 1-year old iphone and have the latest itunes/iphone updates.
I am having troubles with the phone only. When I place or take a call, the screen goes dark even when the iphone is away from my ear, so I cannot hang up, or change the screen. I also have the same problem when I try to listen to messages in my inbox. As soon as I try to click on the play of a voice-mail, the screen goes dark, as though the iphone crashed.
I try to tilt the screen in all directions. Sometimes it works, but usually it does not. I usually end up trying to turn my phone off, which sometimes does not even work (embarrassing to leave loooong voice-mails to a client while I try to turn off my phone!)
I am getting very frustrated. It is a phone after all and I need it for my work. Any tips?
Thanks in advance,
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Does the Iphone automatically hang up after so many rings on a call out

Hi do you guys know if the iPhone will let you wait for ever on a call out while it keeps rigning and rigning. Or does it hangup after so many time or number of rigns.
Just wondering cause I was trying to participate to a radio station contest, I had the line but it took a while for them to pickup and it eventually canceled the call before they had the time to pick up ;-(
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iPhone 4s does not display reject or answer bottons on incoming calls any advice

Also, cannot face time!

And visual voicemail no longer available! Apple say its phone networks fault, Three say its phones fault !!

Can't hang up call because txt windows in way

I have searched for this, but cant seem to find it.
When I am on a call, I receive txt messges. I dont always look at them when they arrive. So when its time to end the call, I cant without going through all the txt messages.
Is there something I can do so that I can end a call without going through all the alerts?
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iPhone 4 clicks off during incoming call drops call within 10 seconds

so ive had zero issues with my iPhone 4 until now; no antenna nonsense, no proximity sensor problems. last nite a friend called me, and i barely got to say how are you when the phone made the clicking sound, clicked like when youre putting the screen to sleep from being awake, and the call was dropped. same thing happened today. as far as i can tell, it only happens on incoming calls, i cant get the issue to replicate on an outgoing call.
anyone else with this problem or know of a fix? AT&T reception isnt fantastic where i live, but i typically get 2-3 bars in my room. thanks in advance.
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How do I turn off the auto text I can't talk right now I'll call you later when I cancel an incoming call

When someone rings me and I dont want to talk to them I cancel the call. With the new iOS 6 update my phone now automatically sends the caller a text that says Cant talk right now...Ill call you later.


How do I turn this feature off I dont want it!!


Please help Ive looked everywhere in my settings.

Feature request Ability to set the Home button to answer incoming calls

Rather than have to manipulate the slider to answer a call, it would be easier (and safer in many cases) to be able to click the Home button to answer a call. That could be implemented as an option on Settings/General/Home. Has this been requested?
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My iphone 4s it doesnt work when i receive incoming calls and no answer A black screen appearsand i have to reset the phone

My iphone 4s it doesnt work when i receive incoming calls and no answer. A black screen appearsand i have to reset the phone.

Problems with in call muting hang ups putting people on hold etc by cheek

I am having random dialing, hang-ups (the telephonic kind), placing callers on hold, and muting while taking phone calls. Is this normal? I have switched from a htc touch screen phone and did not have these issues. Is the proximity sensor screwed up/ a common issue/ or a pos 1st model phone? this is driving me crazy
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Can't answer call

I just used the phone (orig. iPhone, not 3G phone) to make a call. 15 minutes later my phone was ringing for an incoming call. When I pressed the home key, nothing happened --- the screen stayed black and the phone kept ringing until the caller hung up. It took another 4 or 5 minutes before I could get the phone to awaken again. Even then, I pressed the home key and the sleep / wake switch several times, so am not sure what brought the phone back to life. Any ideas?
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End Call Answer

When you are on a call and another call comes in the choices it gives are Ignore call & Hold Call + Answer. Most of the time I just want to end the call I am on & answer the new call. Why does it give such screwy options?

Answer phone call

I just purchased an iphone 3g this week. When I get phone calls it does not have the slider bar option like on commercials, it is just a green answer button or a red decline button. Since the phone is mainly in my pocket at work is there anyway to make it a slider option Is it an app to do that Thank you. I am a newbie so I appreciate the help
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I answer a call other end cant hear me

This is a problem that has been happening to me since I made the switch to the 3G. Someone calls me, and almost without fail I get hello? hello? are you there? They, or I, hang up and one of us calls back and the call works fine. Anyone else experience this? not a major problem I guess, but it is quite annoying...

Missed call before I have a chance to answer

Im new here so Ill apologize if this question has been answered before but I couldnt find a reference to it via search.
Ive had my phone for two days. Every time it rings, I grab it out of the belt caddy to answer but before I get a chance to it says missed call. Is there a way to let the unit ring a few more times before that happens? Ive even tried calling myself from a nearby phone and the same thing happens. Once I got a cryptic message that said something like slide to turn off.
I really like all the features of the Iphone other than the fact that it doesnt work very well as a phone. The inexplicable lack of bluetooth voice dialing is baffling. Maybe someone can tell me when that feature will become available?
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My speaker comes on when you answer a call how can I stop this

Please help my iPhone 4 , the speaker keeps coming on when I answer a call

Headphones won't pause song answer call etc

My earphones that came with my iPhone are not good at all!
The clicking part wont pause or play the music, it wont let me answer a call, and the worst part, the microphone is a peice of crap because it cuts out alot!
I called apple and they said that, even though i have an apple care protection plan, and I got the phone in march of this year, they cannot provide any services or free replacements! THIS IS BULL CRAP! It cant have anything to do with the software because this started when I first got it!
If anyone is having trouble, comment!
Im going to ream some @$$ from apple!
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iphone hangs when incoming call

each time my phone has an incoming call, the phone hangs. I cannot slide to answer the phone. What happens?

how do i block an incoming call iphone 4 ios5

how do i block an incoming call iphone 4 ios5

only name at incoming call

Why does not apple give us the possibility of configuring our phone to show name and company name on incoming calls? Most of us know many people just by name and company name, and when the incoming call happens, you dont know who is the caller. Just his name.


I prefer to know the company name than if the caller is calling from the mobile device, iphone or work (as the second line of the incoming id  says)


Is it so difficult to develope this characteristic?



how to rejected incoming call iphone conditition locked

I want to ask something
How to rejected incoming call in condition locked.
I only find a menu slide to answer and I can`t rejected
how to rejected the incoming call
Can you help me
Thank you for the help
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Browsing Net and receiving incoming call on iPhone

Quick question, If youre on the web is it possible to receive an incoming call? As I was surfing the web on my phone it did not let me know when someone tried to calling me. The only reason I knew someone tried to call me is because My phone did notify me that a voicemail was left. (Actually it made a sound indicating that either a text or voicemail was left.)
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Looking for an Incoming Call App

I am looking for an App simular to one I had on my Blackberry. When someone called in that was in my address book with a picture, the picture was the size of most of the screen. Does this exist for iPhone?
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Blocked incoming call

Hi, I recieved new Iphone 3gs 32mb but having issue in recieving calls. I set the ringtone to any of the ones availble but on recieving a call the screen dispalys Blocke call and no ring tone is heard only vibrate is activated. Testing the ring is Ok. Anyone have the same issue.
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