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Why does my iPhone go straight to voice mail

Why does my iPhone go straight to voice mail

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iPhone 3GS goes straight to voice mail

My iPhone 3GS goes straight to voice mail without ringing. Reception in my area ok. I have been turning phone off at night and shutting down and restarting only works for awhile. (previous suggestions.) Any thoughts?

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how do I stop my iPhone 4 from going straight to voice mail

My iPhone 4 keeps going straight to Voice Mail and then I get a notified of missed calls?  How can I correct this?

calls going straight to voice mail

I phone 4s. calls are going straight to voicemail. not ringing at all and not even showing up as a missed call. It is like the phone loses its network connection after 10 or so minutes and the only way I can get it to connect is placing an outside call. then it will work for another 10 minutes until the network times out. Contacted carrier. they said not a network problem on their end. Help

Voice calls straight to voicemail no iPhone ringing

Hi all,
Is anyone else having a problem where voice calls go straight to voicemail, without the phone actually ringing. I am getting more voicemails than phone calls at the moment, and its looking like a phone problem (ip4).
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why is my mail heading straight to trash after flickering at the inbox

Several strange things are happening in mail, firstly a huge surge in russian soliciting appearing in my INbox, not in junk email box, these were reported on to mac mail and now mail gone missing, failure to sync etc. I have had to delete address books at mobileme and my two syncing computers and then reload as there were thousands of multiple entries. Completely disparate info merged. Would really like a clean slate, what to do?
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Can you use voice control to play your voice mail

If so, how? When I say call voice mail it comes back with all kinds of crazy matches with random contacts.
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Google Voice intercepting voice mail

Someone called me just now and I couldnt answer, to naturally the call went to vocie mail. Whats disturbing is that the call went to my Google Voice vm box, not the voice mail in the phone. Im prety sure I didnt knowingly agree to this, and dont much like it.
How can I get my regular iPhone visual voice mail back?
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iphone 3G rings 15-20 seconds before going to voice mail

my iphone rings for only about 15-20 seconds before going to voice mail. most of the time it goes to voice mail before I can answer it. is this normal
any question will be appreciated
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how do i set up a voice mail box on iPhone 5

how do i set up a voice mail box on iPhone 5 using Verizon?

How to access my voice mail messages iPhone 4

I cannot access my voicemail.  Cannot move the move the marker on scrubber bar.  I can see the sender, message time, but only call back (returns call to caller) & speaker plus greeting.  I reset network configurations and made certain updates are current.

Voice Mail forwarding or Archival on a Iphone

Is there a way to forward a Voice mail or archive the message on the iphone? Voice memo allow you to down load the memo in itunes, why not Voice Mail?
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Access iPhone's voice mail from another phone

Im going to be without my iPhone fora bit - is it possible to dial into my voice mail from, say, an office phone, so I can retrieve messages?
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new iphone how to set up visual voice mail

Maybe it takes awhile, but when I tap voice mail, the phone dials my voice mail and logs in. It doesnt seem to do the visual voice mail part. I just got it today. Is there a lag time? I did get an activated message, however, so I know it is activated.
I did try to reset network settings. I have not yet syncd with computer.
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HT1687 what is the default voice mail pw on an iphone

I dont remember setting one, and all of a sudden its asking me for a pw..

Upgraded iPhone and now Voice mail is asking for password

I just upgraded my wifes iPhone to OS4. Now my wife cant access her voice mail, the iPhone is asking for a password. Nether my wife nor I have ever set a password how can we fix this?
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Voice Mail

How does Voice Mail Works
how can you leave a Voice Mail by using other phones..?
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voice mail

Im not sure which category to ask this question so please let me know if I am in the wrong place. Is there a way to save a voice mail message to some sort of audio file? I do not have a MAC.
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Voice Mail

I bought a 3GS to me and gave my 3G to my wife. We just put her SIM card on the old one, all runs perfectly. BUT, when she tap the Voicemail button, when in Contacts, MY iPhone rings - Voicemail button CALLS MY NUMBER - which was the owner of her iPhone.
Any idea? Where to re-configure this?
Thanks all.
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Increase iPhone's Ring Time before It goes to Voice Mail

recently, i changed my ring time before it goes to Voice Mail.
my default time was 20sec and i changed it to 30sec (max).
it works great but i was doubting that some said on the post Id recommend 25 seconds or less, as using 30 may cause you to be billed for a minute of airtime each time someone is forwarded to voicemail.
what does that guy talking about? am i going to pay extra $ for that ?

Voice mail password

Does anyone know how to get rid of the message saying please enter voice mail password? I have never set up any voice mail password before (I dont even know how to set it up at the first place) and after I upgrade to ios4 this message is popping up every time I use the phone. It is very annoying that I have to constantly hit cancel. Anyone has any idea to fix this?
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visual voice mail not available

Please help!!!
visual voice mail not available or visible after 3.1 software upgrade Im able to access to it by pressing one on key pad but not able to see if i have any messages
I have try several things to fix the problem but so far no success.
This are some of the things that i have try: boot i phone,took out Sim card,restore i phone,contacted at&t.
and so far nothing!!! not only that but my wife is ****** because her phone has the same issue please HELP!!!!!
We have the i phone 3gs.
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Voice Mail Password

I had an iPhone 3G 8gb and today upgraded to a iPhone 3GS 16gb, but when I went into the phone dialer it popped up a window and said password incorrect please enter voicemail password. Where can I find this password?
Thanks a ton,
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Voice Mail Greeting

Ive managed to make my own iPhone ring tones with Garage Band very easy to do..... what Id like to do is using Garage Band record a greeting for my voice mail. Seem like it should be easy to do.
Anyone know if it can be done...How?
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turn off voice mail is that possible

Hi, all the experts.. my question is Can i deactivate the voice mail, just let the phone keep ringing until it get pick up or hang up. Is that possible and How Thanks

Cant receive voice mail

I moved my iphone3GS to iOS4.0 and ever since I cant get my voice mail! If I restore the phone to factory settings, then vmails left are visible on visual mail and can be heard. Once I restore the phone to my apps etc (which arent too many), no vmail! Spent > 15 hrs with ATT on 3 different calls and the issue is unresolved. Apple support was pulled in twice but they couldnt debug the issue either.
I am on my wits end - any suggestions will be helpful. Cant continue on this phone w/o vmail!
iPhone 3GS iOS 4

voice mail question

if I have an red dot in my voicemail icon, I press and it takes me to voice mail and there is a blue dot nxt to contact name. if I press name voicemail plays, got that down. But after it plays how can I reply it?
call back - does just that
pressing contact just goes back to the contact info.
I write this because I was in a loud area and needed to replay a voicemail I I had a lready activated.
any help on this?
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Keeps Asking for my Voice-Mail Password

iPhone (first generation) keeps asking for my Voice-Mail Password. How can I cancel that out?
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Can you export a voice mail

Just wondering if there is a way to export a voice mail I received to a .avi or some other file type so that I could email it etc?
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Syncing with iTunes message up my voice mail password on my iPhone 3G

Each time I sync my iPhone with iTunes on my Mac Mini (all version of OS and iTunes are up to date) it keeps messing up my iPhone voice mail password. Suddenly it doesnt work anymore and I have to have AT&T reset it and then I have to setup the password again.
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Visual Voice Mail on a 2G Network

AT&T has purchased our current 2G carrier. Now have an iPhone. Visual voice mail does not load, sputters and never plays. Must retrieve voice the conventional way by calling cell number.
Is this the case with a 2G network compared to a faster, enhanced 3G network?

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