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why does my yahoo email and calendar keep asking to enter a password on my iphone 5s

why does my yahoo email and calendar keep asking to enter a password on my iphone 5s

iphone unlocked

HT1687 Got a replacement phone says I have to enter a voicemail password though I never had one I got the temp one and now it says to retrieve VM enter password and message where do I do that

Got a replacement phone, says I have to enter a voicemail password though I never had one. I got the temp one and now it says to retrieve VM enter password and message where do I do that?

iphone unlocked

Can't send email - keeps asking to enter password from deleted account

Had BlueBottle on my iphone. Deleted that account, but now I cant send email from my other accounts. I can receive just fine, but every time I try and send an email a window pops up that says Cannot Send Email - No password provided for BlueBottle. Please go to Mail Account Setting and enter a password. But since that account no longer exists, I cant enter a password there. I can find no trace of BlueBottle on my iphone to delete it further. Any ideas?
iphone 3GS iPhone OS 3.1.3


Please assist me with this issue:  Ever five seconds the iTunes Store asks for my Password!  It continually pops up and after entering the correct password, it begins as though it was going to allow me to purchase an applicaction, song, video, movie, etc., but just pops up again and again, again and again wanting the password!  its irritating as **** that it wont stop...Can ANYBODY HELP ME PLEASE!



TS3281 my 3gs iphone is stuck - I cannot slide to unlock when I restart it gets stuck on the enter passcode screen and is still frozen I cannot enter my password I have precious photos on the camera roll I'm desperate to retrieve Help

my 3gs iphone is stuck - I cannot slide to unlock. when I restart it gets stuck on the enter passcode screen and is still frozen, I cannot enter my password. I have precious photos on the camera roll Im desperate to retrieve. Help!

deleting yahoo email in iphone deletes yahoo mail messages

Hi I am using Yahoo as my second account therefore rarely used.
I am wondering how do I set my iPhone whereby when I delete the message on my iPhone it will delete the message on the server
Thank you in advance.
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i was able to always get my yahoo email up until the last hr it says that apple.imap.mail.yahoo.com is not responding what does that mean

hi there, I was woundering what this means i have never seen it before and now my phone is not reconizing my emails

apple.imap.mail.yahoo.com is not responding

Unable to Enter Password

On a few occasions I have had my iPhone get in a locked state when entering the device password. After entering my password sometimes the OK button gets grey but the phone doesnt unlock. I can keep typing on the keyboard but nothing registers. I have to power the phone off and on to rectify it.
MacBook Pro 15" Mac OS X (10.5.2)

why do i need to enter password for every app

On other peoples iphones they need to enter their password only once for the app store. Then for the next 5-10 minsthey remain logged in. On my iphone I must enter the password each time I install an app even if it is directly after installing another.


Whats causing this? Can it be fixed?


I remember this being the case on my iphone 4 before I upgraded also.


Many thanks

Iphone 3GS keeps popping up with enter apple password

my mum has had this phone for 2 years now and everytime she unlocks the phone it comes up with enter apple password so she does and then it pops back up at least 3 times.

She then goes to play one of her games and the game loads to the menu and pops up with enter your apple ID & Password she writes it in and then it throws her out of the game.


Ive restored the phone

checked for updates and 6.01 is the current version

deleted the game and re-downloaded it

Ive made a completely new Apple ID

and none of it seems to work


Any suggestions?

enter the password for the exchange account



My iPhone 4S has recently decided to keep throwing up the error message enter the password for the Exchange account - Ive tried entering the password thousands of times (yes, it is the right one!) and Ive tried deleting it and reinstalling, rebooting my phone and nothing is working - driving me crazy! There was no reason to do it, Ive havent updated anything or change anything, but both my ipad and iphone are throwing up this error since last night

prompt for enter apple id password

I keep getting prompt to enter my apple id and password

keep getting message to enter apple id and password

iPhone 4 won't forget incorrect password so I can enter correct one

We just arrived at a hotel that has wifi. I entered the hotels wifi password incorrectly, but the iPhone will not ask me for the correct password. It just is clicked onto the hotels network, but wont let me access internet, etc. Tells me to go into settings and switch on wifi, which is switched on.
How can I get rid of the incorrect password to enter in the correct one ?
MacBook Air 11" & iPad 16Gb WiFi Mac OS X (10.6.6) iPhone 4

enter the password for the exchange account - but I don't have one

Since I upgraded to iOS4, when I switch my iPhone on, theres a pop-up;
enter the password for the exchange account
But, I do not use exchange - how do I stop this message?
Custom Windows XP Pro

when I enter wireless key into my 3gs 6.1.3 I get message 'Incorrect password'

Wifi has worked up to now on 3gs 6.1.3  .Can connect to BT WIFI from my Home Hub4. Tried reset network settings to no avail. password is correct for hub, works on laptop and Nexus 7, Any help please.

Need to connect to iTunes; cannot enter password only emerg calls avail

I would appreciate your help. My iPhone worked Saturday, then stopped. Since then, it wants me to restore by connecting to iTunes. iTunes cannot do anything because my phone is locked. I cannot enter the password because I only see the No Service, Connect to iTunes, Slide for Emergency Call screen. Any way to enter my password or have iTunes update the software?
iPhone shows up as camera when connected to computer. I want to remove any data/pictures/music prior to visiting the Apple Store geniuses; theyve made it clear they cannot or will not save any data.
Dell Latitude E4300 Windows Vista

So how do I sync the Iphone calendar with Yahoo Calendar

Were supposed to be able to do that now, right?
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HT1212 my phone is didsabled but it wont connect to itunes because it wonts me to enter my password

Itunes does not let me hook up my phone because it wonts me to enter the passwrod but my phone is disable dnad i dont know my passwrod

I just changed the email that i use to sign into my itunes and now when I try to type in my password on my iphone it says that the password is invalid

I recently changed the password for my itunes and now when i try to log into my itunes on my iphone it says my password is invalid. How can I change the email address on my iphone so that it is the correct one?

contact birthdays to calendar - automatically enter

After I have entered my contacts birthday into the iphone how do i make it appear in the calender on the phone?
iphone 3G Windows 2000

Home wifi wants me to re enter password after using wifi hotspot

It wants me to enter my password for my home wifi on my iphone again after using a hotspot. Is this normal?
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My touch-pad is not responding except for to respond with a voice about what I'm keying I can't even make a call because I can't enter my passcode to enter Help

My daughter was messing with my phone this evening; unbeknownst to me. When I picked it up to use it and enter my pass-code I got a voice response that mimicked back the button I pushed. At the home screen it tells me the date and time and slide to unlock. It moves me to the pass-code entry screen when I double tap the slide function.  When I enter numbers for my passcode it repeats back the number and even the letters that are associated with keypad numbers.


Im so hoping someone can help tonight. Im waiting for an important phone call.


Thank you,


IPHONE calendar won't synch with yahoo outlook

as of yesterday Ive noticed that when I add a new calendar listing on my iphone it wont sync with my yahoo-outlook calendar when I sync it. Did I inadvertently do something wrong. Im a pc user

Yahoo Calendar Problem

Hi All,
New member, and looking at the posts below it looks as if Im having the same problems as a few others, but instead of Google Calendars, Yahoo Calendars.
Before I got the new 4.0 firmware, I had three calendars synced wirelessly to my iphone and mac, via the yahoo calendar compatibility. Since upgrading, I can now only sync the main yahoo calendar, and not the two others... very unhelpful!
I have tried deleting and re-entering the CALDAV information on my phone, but to no avail. I saw somebody else said it may be to do with the number of people trying at the moment, I hope this is the case.
I have successfully managed to sync all the calendars directly to the mac, but this takes away the whole point of it being via a cloud, and wireless, as both me and my work colleagues use the same system. Any help would be greatly appreciated,
MacBook Pro Mac OS X (10.6.4)

Yahoo Calendar Not Syncing

I have a yahoo calendar configured in both my iPhone and iPad.  I have three calendars within the Yahoo account.  They show up in the iPhone/iPad calendar and I can add new events on the iphone in any of the Yahoo calendars.  However, events that I create in iCal on a computer dont sync to the iPhone/iPad and events I create on the iPhone/iPad dont sync to iCal.


When I go to my Yahoo calendar online, the events from iCal are on the online Yahoo calendar but the iPhone/iPad events are not.


Any ideas?


Running the latest version of IOS.

HT4515 Just got a Iphone 4 To connect to my home wi-fi I put in the password but I don't see any button to connect or enter There is join button but nothing happens when I touch that

Just got a I Phone 4. I typed my wifi password to connect to my wifi but dont see a connect button or enter. I tried join but it did nothing? How do I connect to my wi-fi so I dont use cell minutes when at home?  Also, How do I know for sure by looking at the phone if the phone is utilizing the wi-fi versus cellular data minutes?

iPhone 3G & Yahoo At&t email account

I recently just purchased an iPhone 3G. I hooked it up to iTunes & it went through the sync process. It transferred my contacts & email settings from Outlook to the iPhone. The iPhone now has 2 email accounts (from Outlook). The email account for Yahoo At&t allows me to receive messages, so the POP3 settings, userid & password are correct, but when I try to send an email message, the iPhone gives me an error message Cannot Send Mail - The sender address was invalid. I double checked the SMTP settings & they seem to be correct. Currently set to smtp.att.yahoo.com, port 995, Auth required (password).
My 2nd email account on the iPhone from Astound sends/receives via POP3/SMTP just fine.
Has anybody else experienced this issue?
Any ideas?
Thanks in advance!
iPhone 3G

iPhone 4 deleting email from Yahoo server

Just upgraded to iPhone 4 from the original one. Noticed that when I delete email from my Yahoo account, the messages are also deleted from the server and can not be retrieved from my iMac/iBook. This did NOT happen with my old iPhone. Tried re-entering my Yahoo account but it is still happening. Any suggestions? Thanks
iMaC Intel 10.6/G4 400 MHZ/Powerbook 1.4GHz/iPhone Mac OS X (10.6.4) iPhone 4

Yahoo email

As of 1:02pm my Yahoo email stopped responding on my ip4. I can still get to the web based version on my pc. Nothing has changed on my account? I get Cannot get mail The connection to the server failed. Anyone else having any issues?
Dell Windows 7 16gb iPhone4

Yahoo Email

To my understanding iPhone has push email only with Yahoo Email.
Do I get a Yahoo email with my phone or do I need to create an account?
If I need to create one, where do I do that? The regular Yahoo free email?
MacBookPro 2.0 GHz, 2 GB RAM Mac OS X (10.4.10)


My Iphone 3Gs wont let me sign in to my yahoo email when I go to add email account under mail on settings. and it keeps telling me that its verifying and then a sign comes out that sais server unavailable please try again later. what do I do

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