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why wont my iphone play music through the speakers

why wont my iphone play music through the speakers

iphone unlocked

iphone wont play music from speakers Help

Did I press something, did they break?
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iphone unlocked

i bought some music off of itunes music will play on my pc and one iphone I try to play it on another phone it wont play it looks like the songs i already have on my phone but it just won't start playing

i bought some music from itunes off my pc, it automaticly went to my wifes phone and my phone,my wife can tap on the songs and listen to the new music  but when i do the same thing on my phone the song wont play

Music Won't Play Through My iPhone's Speakers

Hey Folks, I have a *very* annoying problem, almost positive its a software problem/bug.


The ringer works through the speaker, but when I go to play music through the speaker, the Music app doesnt even have a volume slider to move. If I have a bluetooth headset connected, it prompts me to send the audio either to the headset or to Dock Connector even though nothings connected to the dock connector. If I do have my iPhone docked, sound plays fine thorugh the dock, and when i unplug it, sound will begin to play like normal thought the speaker for about 3 seconds, then going silent. Any ideas?


(Earpiece, Headphones, Bluetooth Audio, and Dock speakers all work great, just not the internal speaker.)




iPhone 4

Model - MC603C

Software - 5.01 (Build 9A405)

I connected my iphone 4 to my TV using A V cable but cannot get the music to play through my TV speakers

I am trying to play my iphone4  music through a visio HD TV.  I attached the phone using A/V cable (red/white)...but the music wont play through the TV speakers.  I can play videos through the TV with sounds...but not my ipod music.  any advice?

music on phone will not play out of car speakers

What am I doing wrong? I have a new car with the jack. I plug the cable in and it say aux like its supposed to. But it will not play out of car speakers. Please help me.
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Can iPhone 3Gs play music direct to remote speakers via wifi

Is it possible to play music from the iPhone 3Gs direct to remote speakers without going via a computer? Eg I was hoping to connect it over wifi using an airport express connected to my amp+speakers.
thanks for any advice.
Powerbook G4 15" Mac OS X (10.4.6)

HT5014 just installed 5.1.1 Iphone4 does not play music threw speakers or head set jack

just installed 5.1.1 and cant play music threw the phone speakers or headset jack. it will play music through a base. also the phone rings and text notifications work. i tried to reinstall software. it seens the phone does not reconize the speakers in the software. thanks for your help.

My iPhone 4 wont play any music Help

I have tried EVERYTHING. Except going over to the apple store. The phone rings just fine. But the sound on the apps wont work. And the sound wont work when I try to listen to my music. Hass anyone else had this problem ?

my music wont play

when i go to the music library and select a song to play, it will go to the now playing screen and skip the song i selected and skip about 10songs and then finally stop. The majority of songs just wont play. I have tried turning it on and off, turning the shake shuffle setting off, and resyncing my phone. Any ideas what is wrong?

my music wont play

If I try to play any songs in order- or by playlist it skips around the songs and doesnt play anything out loud.  Ive tried syncing and rebooting and both were useless.  this is ******* my off as I Love my music- help.

Iphone wont play any music headphones or without nothing works help

So, my iphone has been working fine. Then yesterday, I usually listen to Pandora Radio through my iphone, through my headphones at work. Now, no sound. It says the track is playing, ive tried diff stations, nothing plays sound. So i tried the Ipod on my Iphone...no audible sound either. It says its playing, but I cant hear anything, even with the headphones out. This is very frustrating, any help would be greatly appreciated.
iPhone OS 3.0

My iPhone 4 when I play music it will play but the volume control does't show up so it won't make any sound

My iPhone 4 when I play music it will play, but the volume control doest show up so it wont make any sound. It also wont make any sound when I play videos, but when I plug in headphones it will play.

My speakers to my iPhone 3 just shut off this morning nothing will play through it I don't know if this is the right place to ask the question but what should I do

I Dont know what to do about my speakers they shut off for no reason

TS1630 I can't get my music to play all of sudden It happened after I paired the audio with my Maxima I turned off bluetooth and it still would not play

I cant get my music to play all of sudden. It happened after I paired the audio with my Maxima. I turned off bluetooth and it still would not play

Music album cover images and track titles show on iPhone 4s but music doesn't play - any ideas

I am a Young at Heart Senior, new to iPhone 4s, have an old creaking pc with Windows XP Home.....but plan to enter the real world any day soon by buying a new Mac!


Here is my problem, I purchased an album on iTunes and mistakenly started to sync it to my phone, (although I dont have iCloud loaded on my pc). I stopped it mid download and later noticed that the total track numbers were showing as a red number above the more button as if they were waiting to complete the download. It stayed there while I thought about it for a few days, but when I click the Album button all the tracks are listed.


Now to the funny part.....when I click on a track or indeed any of them, it doesnt play a sound...but the progress bar above moves as if now playing.

So, I thought.... no problem, I would connect the phone up to iTunes and delete the tracks....but when I do so, this album and none of its track titles show in my music list for the phone......weird.


So, I have a large album with titles only on my phone, no music behind the titles (which, incidentally, is rubbish anyway) and I cant get rid of it off my phone, any of you young whizzy iPhoners have any ideas how to clear it off ?


I did think I might just Restore my phone, but wondered whether downloading all my stuff from iCloud would still include the dreaded  Now Thats What I Call Christmas album, which I only purchased in late 2011 to play at a seniors Xmas party...........you live and learn!


You will guess from my ramblings that I am not at all techy, but consider myself willing to learn and apart from this hiccup........I luuuurve my iPhone!

My iphone wont play through accessory

My 32GB iPhone 3GS wont play music through the plug in accessory.  I have 2 different accessories that plug into the bottom of the iphone to play music and both no longer work.  I have checked the accessories with my other iPhone and they work with it, so it must be the phone.


Both accessories used to work.


When the iPhone is plugged in the music is played through the external iPhone speaker like it isnt connected at all.


I have inspected and blown out the iphone connector.  Everything appears OK. 


Could this be a software issue? Or a hardware issue? Everything else seems to working fine.


Ideas? Help please

Ringtones wont play on iPhone

I created two ringtones from songs downloaded from Itunes. I have the latest Itunes and the latest firmware for the Iphone. I synced with the iphone and both songs show up in the ringtones list on the iphone. But both are silent when I select them. All the other standard ringtones work but my two custom ones make no sounds on the ringtone page or when they are selected and I get a call. Both work fine if selected in itunes. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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When listen to music sometime sound drop down but music continue to play

When i listen music on my iphone 4 the sound suddenly drop down but the music time continue to advance. After a certaint period (not constant) the sound came back. I have the same problem with an iphone 3gs and a third generation ipod touch but by using the convert to aac 128 option in itunes it seems to correct the problem. But it doesnt seems to work with my iphone.
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My iphone wont play the song I choose

I will choose a song and it will either play nothing or a totally other song.

No music playback via external speakers with IPhone

I have recently purchased a new Iphone and have attempted to play them through my Klipsch desk speakers. I have used these speakers for nearly two years with a number of different IPods and my Mac laptop with no issues...all I have had to do is simply plug in the jack and hit play. However, with my new IPhone I have been unable to play anything through these speakers. All I get is a loud, rythmic clicking noise and no music. There is no issue with the jack itself; it is the standard 3.5mm plug. What am I missing?

some videos and video podcasts wont play on my iphone 4

hey guys... as the title says, some movies wont play on my iphone 4 and i just downloaded the new apple key notes podcast to watch and my iphone says the video cant be played.
i understand that some movies may be wrong file formats and so forth, but i thought that a podcast direct from apple should play?
any help would be great!
ipod touch iOS 4

Stream music wirelessly from iPhone to MacMini speakers

I have my MacMini set up as a media server and play most of my music from there - it connects to two Airport Expresses in other rooms. However, sometimes friends have requested to be able to stream from their iphone itunes library or iphone apps to the speakers connected directly to the mac mini audio port in my living room where the mac mini is setup. As the mac mini speakers do not show up in Airplay they cannot do this. Is there a work around? Is there anyway to stream to the speakers of any mac OTHER than using Airport Express? If it has airport built in why cant the speakers appear to anyone on the network?

Logitech mm5 ipod speakers iphone 2.0 OK but 2.1 NO music for you

My iphone was working fine with my mm50 logitech ipod speakers but after upgrade to 2.1; my 2 iphones (wife and mine) dosent sound thoght the mm5 anymore... the air plane mode suggestion pops but after that nothing... i guess logitech is gonna sell more speakers thanks to some stupid work with iphone 2.1 logo in the box, and then 2,5, 3G, ipod plus, iphone classic... ipod millenium...
has anybody suffer this?
bad english... sorry not my native tongue.
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No music coming out of the speakers

I cant seem to get the iphone to play music out of the speakers. When the phone receives a call, it rings with sound and when I play music through the headphones there is also no problem. However, when I try to play music out of the speakers I hear nothing. Does anyone have any idea what I am doing wrong? It used to work fine.
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Why wont my Iphone play movie clips from web sites

When surfing the web I cannot open some video links. I get a message saying safari cannot read or open this item. It will open on the pc at home, is it a software or set up issue. Other than that the Iphone absolutely fab!!!

iPhone 4S not ringing no music nothing i.e no audio through speakers after ios 5.1.1 update

Hello Support Community,

I have an iPhone 4S 32GB Black that stopped sending audio through speakers i.e. phone not ringing, music, video, youtube and all Apps which output sound are not sending audio through the iPhones speakers. It seems nothing heard through speakers but if I plug in my headset jack everything can be heard through the headset. I have tried all the troubleshooting steps listed in the community i.e. restart, hard reboot, reset network settings, reset all settings, erase all content and settings, restore from backup, restore as new phone, backup,update and software using both iphone and through iTunes and the final step which I did was plug/unplug headphone jack several times to the iphone then tried a cotton inserted in the jack to clean but nothing worked for me. I have gone through the Apple Support Community and Goolge search but not much help received. Anyone of you had the same issue which you were able to fix it? Appreciate your comments/suggestions to solve my problem! Thanks.


It might be software issue I guess, probably the next ios updated should be able to fix this if Apple really take this seriously as I have seen hundreds of people are complaining the same issue.

Streaming music from iphone 3GS ipod to powered speakers

Can I stream music to my powered speakers(attached to an Airport Express) from the IPhone 3GS iPod?
Is there an app made to do this?
Macbook Mac OS X (10.6.4) IPhone 3GS, Airport Express

Wont play iTunes .mov's

I just downloaded some .movs from the web, and they play fine in iTunes, but they wont sync to the iPhone.
What format do these things have to be in to sync/play?
All My Best,

Playing Music through Built In Speakers

If I play my music on my iPhone through the built-in speakers, will it totally kill the battery or should it last about the same as if I were playing music through the headphones?
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music only playing through one of the built-in speakers

Ive had my iphone for some time now, but just noticed that when playing music from the ipod built-in to the iphone, the music is only coming from one speaker (the one on the bottom left).
Is that normal? I would assume both speakers would be used?
I checked the settings and couldnt find a setting for stereo sound and did a forum search and couldnt find an answer.
iphone 3g 8gb black

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