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wifi on iphone 4s ios 7 doesn t work

wifi on iphone 4s ios 7 doesn t work

iphone unlocked

HT1695 one of my friend says after updating to ios 5.1.1 on 3Gs wifi doesn't work is that true

Plz someone can help in this?

bcoz im planning to buy iPhone 3Gs

iphone unlocked

WIFI doesn't work

a month or two ago wifi just upruptly stopped working.. i figured Apple would send out an update since many people have been having the same issue, however weve gotten no updates and my phone WILL NOT join or find wifi networks. When i click RESET NETWORK settings, after 3 minutes or so the phone comes back on and is able to detect wifi, join it, and allow me to use it for about... 1 minute.. then it kicks me off and starts doing the same bs which is nothing and going on 3g.. when i go to the wifi settings it just keeps loading and never finds wifi... what gives?!!
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Find my iPhone doesn't work - iOS 4

Until yesterday, with 3.1.3, find my iPhone worked. I update to iOS 4 my iPhone 3Gs and Find my iPhone doesnt work anymore. I tried to activate/discativate several times, I also reboot but nothing.
Anyone has same problem?
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iPhone WiFI with Airport Extreme doesn't work

I have an Airport Extreme router (round shaped type) that works great at home with my MacBook & G4 but not with my newly acquired iPhone. I would like to know how I can obtain the proper values for the following iPhone WiFi fields to configure it properly (since it doesnt do it automatically):
1. IP Address, 2. Router Address, 3. DNS. I suspect that the proper Router Address & DNS are the crucial items for a successful WiFi connection.
When I try to use the Airport Admin Utility to obtain info from my Airport Extreme in my G4 or MacBook, it comes up with a blank screen (i.e doesnt recognize the router) and requesting a Rescan also results in nothing being found. This info must be somewhere in my MacBook & G4 in order for their wireless communications to be successful.
Ive tried all the iPhone reconfiguration stuff (Full Restore, Settings/Reset/Reset Network Settings, Turn Airplane On then Off, Forget Network raindance, etc...) & nothing works (also the typical unplug , wait 30 seconds, replug in Router & DSL modem isnt effective). It (the iPhone) usually has Apple Network f7495c in its network list for selection and sometimes the WiFi symbol is displayed in the Status field in place of the E for EDGE, but in all cases Safari & Mail does not work (they cant find the Server) and iTunes cannot be accessed from the Home Menu (error msg is Cannot connect to iTunes Store). Any info on how to obtain the proper values for iPhone WiFi would be greatly appreciated.
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Wifi Arsenal doesn't work

Yesterday at Arsenal i pulled out my 3Giphone, hoping to use the public arsenal WIFI. it came up with a login, and said to get vouchers I had to go to the press office ?!
yet the guy infront of me, suddenly used his 3G and he got immediate access, I asked if he has set anything else up and he said no !
the cloud was available, didnt work, there was a free public WIFI, didnt work.
infact i have been in different locations recently and I find that what should be unlocked and accessible, isnt.
am I alone, cos if I am then it must be a settings thing.
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Tried to update iPhone 3GS to iOS 6 and now it doesn't work at all

I have just tried to update my iPhone 3GS to the latest iOS, 6 I think. The download in iTunes was fine but then it came up with error message saying that my phone couldnt be restored or updated. It is now just stuck on the USB to iTunes screen.


The phone is not jailbroken and has worked fine up until now.

Email doesn't work on iPhone 4 after iOS 5 update.help

I upgraded my iPhone 4 to the new iOS 5 software, and now my email does not work. Every time I try to set it up, it says network failure, please try again later  Ive tried deleting the account and re-doing it, but nothing works. Does it have something to do with the servers? Any help is appreciated!

iOS 4.0.1 - Push doesn't work

Well, Im not sure what they did to fix exchange support in iOS 4.0.1, but the fix seems to have broken push for my Exchange account. The only push e-mail I get now is to my mobileme account. Anyone have any solutions on this one?
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HT4528 Wifi connection doesn't work

Wifi will not highlight nor will Bluetooth

WiFi doesn't work without SIM card

So today I took the SIM card out of my old 2G phone (which I use as a iPod Touch). I noticed that it no longer worked on WiFi. Once I put the SIM card back in, it worked again.
Its not a big deal (just leave the old SIM card in), but is that behaviour expected?
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Wifi auto connect doesn't work

Running 3G with 2.1. I can connect home and business wifi networks manually but I lose the connections when phone sleeps and have to manually reconnect.
I was about to reset network settings when I realized I didnt know if the reset would wipe my Exchange settings to my business server. Id like to reset but its not worth the fix if I lose my Exchange settings since its such a hassle to reenter them.
Any ideas? Will network reset wipe exchange settings? Any other fix for wifi not auto connecting when manual connect via Settings works fine?
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Wifi doesn't work when bluetooth headset connected

Im having a problem when on a call using my Jawbone 2 headset and trying to use the wifi. The wifi doesnt work when on a phone call using this specific bluetooth headset.
Im able to reproduce this problem as follows:
1) Turn off 3G
2) Connect to a wifi network
3) Connect to a bluetooth headset (Jawbone 2 is what Im using)
4) Call someone.
5) When on the call try to open any web page. It will say a connection doesnt exist. It seems the wifi signal goes to nil if the Bluetooth headset is connected. Not sure why this is occuring.
Any information regarding this problem is much appreciated.
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iOS 5.1 Update Home Button Doesn't Work

Ever since I installed the iOS 5.1 update on my iPhone 4, the home button does not work at all! Ive tried every trouble shooting solution I could find. Ive Restarted, I cant hard reset because the home button doesnt work, Ive restored from back up, Ive restored as new, Ive vacuumed out and gently used a tooth brush in the port below the home button in attempt to remove any dust. Ive tried opening a factory installed app such as Maps, Safari, Stocks etc and held the top button until the Slide to power off showed and then held down the home button until it went to home screen except it didnt go to the home screen at all the slide to power off disappeared after a while. I have extremely intermittent response with the Home Button. If i press it continuously it will work after 27 presses one time or 9 presses another but never when I try to do a hard reset and 9.999 times out of 10 it doesnt work. I am so frustrated! I didnt get it wet and it stopped working immediately after the software update. HELP!

Email Problems WiFi Fine EDGE Doesn't Work

I can send and receive email with wi-fi no problem. I can receive when on Edge but I cant send when on Edge. Anyone have any advice? Have I missed some setting that I dont know about?

Store button in Music app doesn't work on Verizon iPhone 4 w iOS 5

On my Verizon iPhone 4 with iOS 5.0.1, in the Music app, tapping the Store button does nothing. Also, there are several screens with links to the iTunes store. If I tap one of these links, I get this message (this time, from the Podcasts screen):


Restricted URL

This URL wasnt loaded:



Whats up with this? Do I have to go through my iMac to purchase music to put on my iPhone? The Store button in the Music app on my iPad (also with iOS 5.0.1) works fine.

why my iphone4 internet tethering doesn't work after upgrading to ios 5.1

Dear all,


Ive problem with my iphone 4 internet sharing after upgrading to ios 5.1.

My windows laptop and macbook pro dont detect iphone internet sharing connection both by usb and wifi.

please advise regarding those things. Thank you very much.

I just tried to DL the new operating system to iPhone It appeared to work and prompted me to set up the cloud etc But no apps work and there is no music in my library iTunes says it failed to restore but retrying doesn't work help

I just tried to DL the new operating system (5.1.1) to my iPhone.  It appeared to work, and prompted me to set up the cloud, etc.  But no apps work and there is no music in my library. iTunes says it failed to restore, but retrying doesnt work.  help!!

why doesnt my wifi work now i have updated to ios 6.0.2

Anyone know why i cant connect to my wifi now i have updated  iOS to 6.0.2?

TS2529 I have iPhone 3GS after update latest IOS 6.1.3 my iPhone has a message ICCID Unknown How can I fix it It doesn't work anymore

I have iPhone 3GS, after update latest IOS 6.1.3, my iPhone has a message ICCID Unknown. How can I fix it? It doesnt work anymore.

iOS 5 - Can't send work email when home WIFI turned on

But only from my work email acct...sends emails fine from my suddenlink.net acct (Suddenlink is ISP). I can receive emails on both accts fine with WIFI on, and can send/receive fine on both accts when WIFI is turned off. Both accts are set up virtually the same, using each respective smtp server and both using port 587 in smtp settings. WIFI otherwise works fine for browsing, downloads, apps, etc. I literally have to turn WIFI off when I need to send email from work acct, and then turn back on for regular. This doesnt seem to be working as designed, and worked fine on previous iOS versions.  Any suggestions?

My iPhone 3G doesn't turn on The worst bit is that the menu button doesn't work too well either Help

I was charging it from 1300-2300 (10 hours) since the apple logo wasnt coming up but that lightning bolt sign appeared.

When I came back, my phone just has a black screen and isnt turning on.

The top menu button is practically useless and Ive retries connecting it to iTunes but it doesnt even do that


Ive had this iPhone for more than 3 years and with time its worn on and so the menu button has faltered and I dunno what to do.


What can I do for it to turn on again

After updating my iphone3gs and ipod touch 4g to ios 6 the auto lock fuction doesn't work always especially if passbook is left open in the background i have also restored both the devices but the problem still persists and is affecting the batt

After updating my iphone3gs and ipod touch 4g to ios 6, the auto lock fuction doesnt work always , especially if passbook is left open in the background!

i have also restored both the devices but the problem still persists and is affecting the battery life!

App Remote doesn't work on MacPro desktop but does work on MacBook laptop

So I have AirExpress connected to my stereo and I can use both my iPhone and iTouch Remote App to control my iTunes library from my MacBook. However, my desktop computer (a MacPro) has all of my music. And the MacPro will not identify my iPhone as a device so I can enter the 4 digit code. Why?
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iOS 6 WiFi option is GREYED OUT unrelated to iOS 6 WiFi connectivity issues

As reported in an earlier thread, since upgrading iPhone 4S from 5.1.1 to 6, the WiFi option is turned OFF and is greyed out/disabled. Have tried all combinations of hard/soft reboots, router resets, network settings reset, cleared cookies, etc. Nothing. The WiFi option is completely disabled.


WiFi worked fine prior to iOS 6. Now I cant turn it on. My wifes WiFi is fine, she can toggle on/off and hasnt had any other connectivity issues as reported by others.

How do I turn of Find my iPhone alert No button on the display works The 'home' button doesn't work And the power button doesn't function Should I wait until the battery runs out

I used iCloud.com find my iPhone to send an alert to my iPhone.  Now, the iPhone is effectively locked -- no button presses or screen touches work.  I cant even turn it off.

The Find My Phone feature in iCloud lets me a) display its location; b) Play Sound ; c) do Lost Mode or d) Erase Phone.  Why wouldnt Apple provide a way to run off the find my iPhone Alert?

Now I have the most useless slab of technology: An iPhone that a) will make pings from Find My iPhone; b) make incoming call alerts; c) issue sounds when mails/texts arrive -- BUT NOT PERMIT ANY LOCAL HAND INPUTS OR REBOOT!

The We're sorry we are unable screen keeps popping up after I restored my phone and updated to the new software the space bar the button for numbers and the button to the right of the space bar doesn't work so I put in my Wifi password on eit

I really need help!

Why does my iPhone get fast wifi at work but slow wifi at home

My iPhone 3G S can get 9313 kbps download speed on my work wifi, but when I come home I can 619 kbps download speed from my own wifi. At home I have a 20 Mbps internet connection with a NETGEAR RangeMax Next Wireless-N Router. My wireless laptop can get 12357 kbps through this router, but my iPhone can can nowhere close.
Is there anything I can do to speed up my iPhones wifi speed? Is there something in my router settings I can change to increase the speed to my iPhone? Or do I need to buy a different router, and if so what features should I be looking for?
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Want iPhone but AT&T doesn't work Here

Have AT+T for nearly 7 years; and its been so-so for where we used to live. Have recently moved and neighbors say AT+T doesnt work here. They say only Uni-Cel/Verizon does. So Ive learned a lesson, my new Sony-Ericcson cant even go to roam. We have no cell coverage at our new home what-so-ever. AT+T said they might be upgrading tower coverage at some point, but they couldnt be more specific and nothing is definite these days, so the wait might be several years if at all.
Will iPhone ever go non-exclusive? Would like to upgrade to an iPhone, but will have to change carriers in order to get cell service at home. Anyone know if Apple will expand beyond AT+T?
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My iphone doesn't work

When I start a phone call, noboby can hear my voice. Only when I click on speacher (loud voicevivavoce) my voice.
Sorry my english is not excellent.
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New iPhone old Wi-Fi doesn't work

Ive had my new iPhone for about 2 weeks now and its worked great. Wi-Fi everywhere, no problem.
Got back to my parents house today and it wont join their network. Just says Unable to join network. The internet is password protected but still works just fine on old iPhone and Macbook
I have tried to restart the phone, no difference.
Any suggestions?
Thank you
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