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iphone unlocked

straight talk issues

I have an iPhone 4 GSM and an iPhone 4s under contract to ATT. Both have been factory unlocked. I can take a straight talk sim card and place it in my 4s and recieve service, however when i try the straight talk sim in the 4 it gives me the message

Restricted Network

Your selected cellular network is restricted. You can choose a different network in Settings.

the att sim works fine in both phones. what could the problem be?

iphone unlocked

straight talk iOS 7

Recently updated to IOS 7. Data and MMS is not working with Straight Talk. I currently have an Iphone 4S and everything was working up until I updated my phone. Any solutions?

HT4839 Straight Talk help

Has anybody taken an AT&T iPhone 4 and switched it to Straight Talk? In recently did this and am now trying to work. I cant follow the steps given online to change the APN cause my phone doesnt have the buttons needed. Any suggestions?

Is Straight Talk CDMA or GSM

I really want an iPhone 5 for my Birthday. But idk if Straight Talk gives gsm models or only CDMA? Please help?

Straight talk SIM or iOS 6 problem

my iphone 4s is unlocked and i just got a straight talk sim and put it in my phone and went to set up my mms and data settings, but they vanished? when i put in my old tmobile sim card they come back? anyone else have this problem/ had it and fixed it?

Straight Talk MMS & Data fix

My Iphone 4s 16g and 4s 32g are both unlocked and have this same issue. In iOS 6 the new settings setup meeses with my ability to fix my APN settings to get my data & mms working with my straight talk sim. BUT there is a way to fix it. I dont take credit for this at all, it was sent to me on another post I had but im just going to modify it slightly.



This is thte only way to get data & MMS working on a non-jailbroken iPhone on iOS 6 as far as im aware of right now



1. Open the Notes app (or any other stock app)



2. Go to Settings General



3. Insert the T-Mobile SIM (can be brand new/unactivated OR an old one that has had service) will bring up the Cellular option



4. Go into Cellular Cellular Data Network when it shows up



5. Immediately take out the T-Mobile SIM and put the Straight Talk SIM back in while in the Cellular Data Network tab



6. Multitask between Cellular Data Network and the Notes app back and forth until a signal from Straight Talk comes in and the default non-working data & MMS APN are automatically entered. It is important to wait until the default APN settings show up



7. Once the APNs do show up, edit them manually



8. Go toggle Airplane Mode on and off, and  then turn your iphone off and then back on



Data and MMS now work fine.... UNTIL YOUR PHONE TURNS OFF OR DIES! 


To fix this follow these steps


After Step 8 and you check that your data & mms ARE working. then turn off your phone one more time and then back on againCheck that data & mms yet again. data should work but mms shouldnt.  Here is the fix; go into Settings Cellular then toggle Cellular Data off and back on and everything should be working 100000% fine now.




Cellular Data

APN: att.mvno

Username: *blank*

Password: *blank*






APN: att.mvno

Username: *blank*

Password: *blank*

MMSC: http://www.mmsc.cingular.com

MMS Proxy:

MMS Max Message Size: 1048576

MMS UA Prof URL: *blank*



I can confirm 100% that this method works on iOS 6

iPhone 3GS Straight Talk can only text AT&T Phones Can't MMS


I have a AT&T iPhone 3GS. My contract ran out last September. I just let it end including the phone number.

I then signed up for Google Voice and just used the Talkatone app on my phone with Wifi to make calls and text.

In the last 2 Days I bought the correct Straight Talk Sim and Unlimited Refill Card and had my Google Voice number transfered to the Straight Talk Sim, and they activated it.

---I did not unlock my phone if that helps.---


Whats Happening:

My phone can send and recieve calls from anyone.

My phone can access the internet fine.


-It can ONLY Text those on the AT&T Network.


-It CANT Picture Message anyone!


(it can iMessage everyone with iMessage but that works through the data)



What is happening and how do I fix it?


Thanks for the help!!!!!!

HT5014 iphone 3g is unlocked but cannot change the APN to get Straight Talk MMS & Data

Most instructions Ive seen are not very helpful to get to the page to enable editing APN and other information needed to begin to get MMS & Data from Straight Talk... otherwise, phone currently makes and receives calls and will do some limited texts. AT&T advises it is an unlocked phone, however hookling to iTunes and doing a backup and restore has accomplished nothing.  Since it is backed up (several ways over a couple days), what if I go through an erase process then restore with the Straight Talk sim card

I bought an iphone 3gs from a coworker and am using straight talk sim how can i get mms and data to work on the phone The tell me it needs to be unlocked Is this correct and if so how do i unlock it

I bought an iphone 3gs from a coworker and bought a straight talk sim card for it. The phone works great but I can not get my MMS to work on the phone. I was told by Straight Talk that it would have to be unlocked first before they could help me to get the MMS feature to work on it. How do I go about unlocking the phone safely without damaging it or jailbreaking it?

Does a USA factory unlocked iphone 3gs offer all the features of a Verizon locked version for example With a non-contract plan like Straight Talk

BestBuy offers an iphone 3gs USA factory unlocked (SKU 6314408) and I would like to purchase and use a non-contract plan like Straight Talk or Net10.  Are all the access point names (APN) fields available for me to enter all the carriers data?  And if so, will I have all the features an iphone 3gs offers... like, multimedia picture messaging and internet?  Additionally, can I use icloud as I have a MacBook Air.  This would be my first iphone.

www.viewmymessage.com 2

Is anyone else just completely frustrated by this site as much as I am. I received a picture text on New Years Eve and I still cant access the site to see the pic. Been trying for over 2 days now. Is there any other way to see this pic? Besides having them resend to my email......which it looks like Im going to have to do. What a PITA!!
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Can't go to http www.ebay.com

This may seem like a stupid question, but how can I go to http://www.iphone.ebay.com

Help - Accessing www.facebook.com

I have difficulty using safari (or any 3rd party browser) to access facebook.
When I type in www.facebook.com, I get directed automatically to touch.facebook.com/?w2m (which I believe to be a non-existence website) and get the following displayed:-
Invalid URL
The requested URL /?w2m, is invalid.
Reference #9.2d556acb.1270455392.1c77ccb
I therefore have to type in lite.facebook.com. However, from lite.facebook.com, I am unable to access the Application (mostly games) function of facebook. In order to access the applications (for example the fishwrangler game), I have to type in apps.facebook.com/fishwrangler/my
As such, I am just curious if www.facebook.com (i.e. the full version) is available on the iPhone or only the lite version?
Many thanks.
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iPhone 3Gs iPhone OS 3.1.3

Is there a Chess App that can play on www.freechess.org

Is there a Chess App that can play on www.freechess.org?
Dell Precision

Www.ch4iv.myvzw.com - low memory - have reset

I  wiped my iPhone 5 because I was having Safari stall on pages and suddenly shut down entire sessions; dropped calls; and showing Low Memory when I had 12.8 GB left on the phone. (I also regularly clean cookies, history and web page data.) I took my iPhone 5 into a Verizon wireless store to have take a look because I was still having the same issues as above. Upon resetting the iPhone 5 again in the store an odd certificate appeared when I went to try Safari. The certificate was from www.ch4iv.myvzw.com and stated I could not access the network because the www.ch4iv.myvzw.com was untrusted. We reset the iPhone 5 again as new and I am still receiving low memory diagnostics in Usage and Data when I have 12.8 GB open/left; Safari has same issues; and echoes on calls, etc. remain the same. My questions are: does anyone know what www.ch4iv.myvzw.com? Anyone have a clue whats happening to my iPhone 5?

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!

Restore Needed iPhone cannot make or receive calls Restore from iTunes WWW.apple.com support

I have upgraded my iPhone 4s iOS to the latest version (6.1.3). I have started to get an error for No Service. But when I switch OFF or sometimes hard reset my iPhone (Pressing the Home button and the Power ON/OFF button at the same time ) , I get the signal back. Sometimes I do not get the signal back in first attempt, so I have to repeat the same process for 2-3 times.


It sometimes even asks me to restore my iPhone. Saying iPhone cannot make or receive calls Restore from iTunes. WWW.apple.com/support

I have already restored my iPhone 3-4 times. But still I face the same issue.


I have even figured out that if I turn ON my 3G services, this problem arises offently. For this, I asked couple of my friends for their 3G service running well with the same carrier and on the iPhone (here in India), they say they face no problem at all!!!


So, I thought might be my SIM has some problems and got my SIM replaced from Vodafone. But still no help!!!


Ok last but not the least. I got my iPhone from Singapore when it was not launched in India. So now it seems that the Apple support in India wont help me (I called up the apple help support in India and they simply refused to help me ) ! They asked me to send the phone to Singapore or to U.S. for any issues that I face.


Can somebody Please Help Me?!?! !


Any help is greatly appreciated!




Safari crashes every time I go to www.google.com or use Google serach

Please talk me off the cliff

My Iphone is coming today via Fed Ex, and I have been so excited all week! Today I am reading nothing but design flaws with the I phone 4 and am really getting down about this. Is everyone having these issues or are we just getting the bad news here? I called AT&T and there is a 30 day return on it so I guess we are not stuck.
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No one can hear me when I talk

Hi guys,
Just bought my new iPhone 4 (Melbourne - Telstra 3G network) and having severe issues with people not being able to hear me. I can hear them perfectly fine and when I switch to speaker they can hear me perfectly fine as well.
Is this a hardware fault with my device or somehow related to the proximity sensor issue? Its really frustrating because I cant actually make any calls unless Im on speaker (which ruins any sort of privacy - especially when youre a public area).
iPhone 4 iOS 4

Best Talk to Text App Help

I am looking for an app that allows me to Talk to text. I would love something embedded in the actual messages folder where I could simply just talk the text instead of type it. This is great for texting while driving. So far I have found apps that still require me to look down a lot at the phone before I talk to text.
What are your favorites?
Please help me with this!
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People cannot hear me when I talk


Ive had my iPhone 4 for nearly 2 years now.


Everything works perfectly fine on my phone, except that since yesterday people do not hear me on a call. They can hear me with speakerphone or headset but not on the phone itself. When I blow into the speakers at the bottom, they hear that but not my voice.


Ive tried rebooting the phone, closing all apps, restored my phone completely.


Anyone have any other suggestions to try myself before I have to pay someone to fix it?



All this talk about problems with the iphone 4

But everyone keeps it, complaints is all i see, companys only understand sales thats why you have not heard any more response from apple, iphone 4 is selling like wildfire, even with its problems.
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iPhone not letting me talk

Within the last few days, my iphone refuses to let me talk to anyone else. If they try to call me or I try to call them, it will let me speak to them (most of the time), then after a couple seconds go sucker! and hang up on me, giving me the message Call Failed.
This has happened to me before but resolved itself after i rebooted the phone. Yesterday I turned my phone off all day and when I turned it back on, it still wouldnt let me talk. Ive also tried syncing it and updating the firmware on iTunes.
Is there any way to fix this?
Thanks a lot for your help.
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Can you talk and text at the same time on iPhone 4

I am trying to find out if I can talk and text on my iPhone 4, if there is any way can you please tell me how, I need to know ASAP

Can't hear or talk to others while making calls

When I make a call on my iPhone 4 I cant hear the person Im calling and they cant hear me and theres no static or sound at all. The phone call will connect and the other person will see that theyre recieving a call from me. Another common occurance is that then I make a call the speaker phone button will be lit up when I havent pressed it and it isnt on. Turning that off and on doesnt solve the problem and there isnt any water damage. I reset the phone and got a new sim card and that hasnt solved the situation. Multiple technicians have opened the phone and cant solve the problem. Anyone know what I should do next?

lets talk about ZAGG Extreme

want to know everything about it. please tell me all about it. im intending to buy this and put no cover on my iphone 5

Google Talk no contacts to display

After updating to IOS 4.3. Google Talk no longer pulls in contacts. I did a search and one said to delete the database cache under settings->safari-databases.
I looked and there is no databases under safari. What am I missing. Has anyone found a way around this or a fix? Cleared cache/history etc.. logged out of gmail in safari, as the talk log out would not work either.
iOS 4

Surf and Talk at the same time AT&T Commercials

So I see all these commercials saying AT&T has the fastest 3G network. I also see the commercials about being able to surf and talk at the same time.
Now I was almost positive that was crap but figured let me test this out again just to be sure. Sure enough, on the Edge network (which might be the issue, might actually work on 3G which is very limited with AT&T it appears), the iPhone wont talk and do surfing at the same time. You get Cellular data connections are not available during this call as the message on your screen.
So is this just an issue with the iPhone specific or is this just bad marketing on AT&Ts part?
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video talk to non-Apple clients

Can the camera on the iPhone be used to do video calls with other apps (e.g., Skype) or does it only work with other iPhones using FaceTime?
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Who do we talk to about getting to use iphones as a USB harddrive

Even if they just gave us one isolated folders in the file system to work with that would be better than nothing. My 5 year old Toshiba Gigabeat let me do this, and so did classic ipods. I HATED that the 80 GB Zune I bought didnt let me do it and thats part of why I sold it for an iphone.
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